Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wot So Funee?


Im linking up with  Actually Mummy   to do Wots So Funee.

This is where you can share all those funny things your children say or write,pop across to Actually Mummy's blog and have a chuckle when you read what the kids have been saying this week.

For this weeks Wot So Funee I'm talking about my youngest sons use of the letters "in''

He uses these sounds instead of ex usually and here's a list of cute words;

Insgusting instead of disgusting

Insplosion instead of explosion

Inavailable instead of unavailable

The motor bike rider Espargaro is Inspagaro

There must be more but we can't think of them at the moment.

Just a little thing but it makes me and his brothers grin.


  1. Goodness how old is he that he is trying to say unavailable?? He sounds like a match for GG! Thanks for joining in again :-))

  2. Aww I love when kids have their own words for stuff it's what makes them unique, and of course gives us a giggle.

  3. so cute, I love the fact that Monkey can say so many words but unless you are mummy or daddy there are still so many that are unrecognisable to people, adorable cuteness at it's greatest!!

  4. It's great when they mix two words together isn't it. My daughter had armbows for ages!

  5. Thanx for all the comments you guys :-)

    'Armbows' is so cute & yes isn't it funny and sweet when they put two words together to make one :-)

    And I know what you mean when only mummy or close family can understand what certain words are,very special and doesn't last long enough.They outgrow the words before we do I think!
    Words like that become embedded in your family history I think & carry on.
    That's why I like this meme,it allows you to write down snippets of pure childhood memories to keep :-)

    My youngest son is 7years old and very young in his ways still :-)

  6. Hey Jess, could you stop over at mine and let me have your twitter id. Can't find you and am trying to tweet you all to say thanks for joining in. That's why I love doing it too - otherwise we would never remember all this cuteness when we're old!

  7. Oh i love that! I thin insgusting is my favourite! Looking forward to reading more of these!