Saturday, August 8, 2015

Swimming Update
Today was Chips first real time to swim at a level five stage.
In the blue hats group.

Chips has been venturing into this group for the past two months,
but today he was officially a member of the group
and was able to wear his new blue swimming hat with pride.

The blue hats swim in the deepest part of the swimming baths.
The deep,deep water.
Where you cant touch the bottom of the pool.
Even if you try.
So you have to be a pretty competent swimmer,
And thats what you are,Chips.

We have come a long way from the teaching pool.
We are now swimming at the deep end.
There is no stopping to take a rest.
You stop swimming now Chips and you will go under!
So please dont stop,will you,your mum would jump too much if you did.

So the group comprises,at the moment, of three boys and two girls.
Five is a brilliant number.
Enough to make a proper group but still get a lot of individual attention.
We have not met the new teacher yet as she was on holiday.

Today Chips did front crawl,which is probably his favourite stroke.
He swam for half an hour and did some pencil jumps to finish with.
The new swimming trunks looked good.
The new goggles were a complete pain.
They just kept letting water in no matter how we tried to adjust them.
Not so cool.

But apart from that it was cool.

Well done Chips.
Mummy is so very proud of you. 
(as always)