Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Week Baby

Its Monday again and time for This Week Baby  which is hosted by Mum Of One 

Its a fun way to focus on something you would like to do with your babies or children during the coming week,so when you have read this post why not pop over and see what other people are promising to try.

This week my promise is a nice one,here it is;

This Week I'm Going To Do At Least One Autumn Craft With You

I love Autumn and its flying by and up to yet I haven't even done one leaf print with Chipmunk.This needs to be sorted!

I will post the crafts up  ( she says hopefully )


  1. Oh cool! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Ohhh, I love Autumn crafts. Can't wait til my little guy is big enough to do this sort of stuff with. x

  3. I remember my daughter, in her younger years, loved leaf prints; she would do them for hours! Great idea to think about doing them with your son sometime this week hopefully!


  4. Betty ~ I tried leaf prints yesterday and they turned into blobs!We had fun though and laughed and laughed at the blobiness!So I guess at least we had fun!I'm going to try something else during the werk!

    Autumn crafts rule I think!Mind you I have made a right bodge with the leaf prints!

    Mum Of One
    Wait till you see the leaf prints ~ cringe!

  5. Fab plan. Where are my paints?....