Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I Know

Oh what do I know this week!

I know I'm finding it hard to comment on your blog Shae ( me being technologically challenged again ),so please don't think I'm rude never leaving a comment,Im still in the process of trying!I will do it!If I can work out how to get a badge I must surely find a way to comment!It will be done :-)

I know that my youngest son's transition to junior school has not been easy. This is wearing us down.Every day there is a new problem and half term cannot come quick enough for me or him!

I know that when things are on your mind it is hard to focus on everyday things.

I know I'm  really tired.

I know I'm going to think of some positive things to say now!

I know that my mum had a lovely birthday party this week and it was nice to see my nephews and niece together, I know that families are very important for sure.

I know that the weather is really changing and darker nights are drawing in. I like the dark nights though, I like to sit with the boys all safe inside and look out at the darkness outside - strange but true!

I know that felt tip stains do come out of white shirts - woohoo!

What I don't know is why a certain child keeps purposely writing on his shirts with felt tip - any suggestions gratefully received!

Go and visit Shae's blog,its Yay For Home  and see what other things people know!


  1. I like it when the weather changes.
    I don't love felt tipped pens.

  2. ohhh lots happening! Best wishes to you and your son, transition isn't all that easy.

  3. Click on the title of Shae's post (opens the post rather than the main blog) and the comments will magically appear. I have the same problem with her blog, I only worked it out today!

  4. Sometimes it's hard to find lots of happy stuff when you are tired xoxo

    My blog is switching soon so I hope the commenting will be easier

  5. Tiff you wouldn't believe what damage those felt tip pens have done :-/ he colours on all his school shirts,I don't understand why!He's even done it to his PE shirt this week!I'm at a loss with it!

    Shae ~ thanks for your comment,I hope you don't think I'm being rude about commenting on your blog,I just would like to and can't!It will be great if it gets easier.I'm hoping when I have more time to mess and play I might find the magic way how to do it! #definatelytechnologicallychallenged!

    Sam_O ~ I tried but they still won't send!The circle just goes round & round & round.Perhaps I need to get a different identity thingy?!

    Gemma ~ it's been a nightmare!I can't tell you had bad it's been :-/ The school has merged three classes into two and there are so many big characters down there and they are clashing badly.It's chaos! :-/