Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

Today we had fun with pumpkins!

We went to the local shop and bought a pumpkin and carried it home

We then began to carve the pumpkin out.

This was a gooey messy business

And Chipmunk did not like it at all,infact he headed straight for the kitchen curtain and hid behind it!

We then drew a face on the pumpkin and the scariest bit was carving the face out with a very sharp knife!

We did it though and thankfully kept all our fingers ~ phew!

And this is the result

We were so pleased and when it was lit wow we were even more impressed ~ look it really glows!

For a first attempt at carving a pumpkin I think Chipmunk did so well!

And he was so proud of the end result!

As we all know,when children do it themselves it means so much more for them.

A job well done Chipmunk :-) /font>

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