Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This week,at school,we did all about the book Funnybones,the skeletons that lived in a house on a dark dark street,on a dark dark hill,in a dark dark town and as I read the story to the group of enthralled four year olds it really reminded me of my eldest boy. 

Back in the day,my eldest son loved this story. I used to read it to him time after time. Infact when I was reading the book this week I could so remember the story....where we used to laugh when the dog was put back together all wrong,where we used to sing the bones song and where we used to be scared of the crocodile skeleton. 

Ah the memories....of a golden haired little boy,
who was my only child then,
how loved he was. 

These were the days when we lived in our first house. Tiger used to have a gorgeous lemon bedroom decorated with a pink and blue bunny rabbit theme. It was quite a big room and I made him a proper snuggly book corner,with a comfy yellow Forever Friends beanbag and loads and loads of books. 
 We would also read downstairs,cuddled up on our little two seater settee in the winter and read book after book after book. 

Just before Tiger turned two years old we took him to Blackpool
 to see the illuminations.
 It was the October half term holiday,so Blackpool would have been busy and I bet it was extremely chilly,the wind really has a nip at Blackpool. 
 As we walked through the bustling,crowded Pleasure Beach towards the ghost train,Tiger proclaimed "It's a Loo-Loo."
 After some puzzling moments we realised he meant the skeleton on the front of the ghost train ride.
This caused lots of smiles and the name stuck.
Weeks later I was on my dinner hour when i spotted a book with Loo-Loo's in it and of course I had to buy it for him.
It quickly became a firm favourite. 

And the memory is still in my head.

I pick up a Funnybones book and I think of those days. 

The days of skeleton stories and a little boy who meant the world to me. 

And he still does. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It took Chips under 4 minutes to fall asleep tonight,it's been a busy day.
 Up at eight,after a week of settling into his new school,and then a trip to the library,breakfast out,the weekly shopping trip and that was just the morning.
 In the afternoon we had swimming lessons and then a family party at five,busy,busy busy but good too. 

I've spent most of the time people watching.
 Catching smiles. 
Taking in the interaction between members of the family,the chatter,the laughter,the casual way they sit together squeezed two to a chair made for one,perched on the arm of a settee,sat on the stairs,sitting on the floor colouring and rolling cars to each other,taking crisps so carefully off a party plate that consisted entirely of crisps,stood in a line holding plates of party food waiting for a chair to become available and then diving to get it. 
Some people got chocolate cake all over,some people ate two dishes of chocolate cake.

It was noisy and voices drifted all around the room,voices of family,the people I love. 

Sometimes,when you are quiet you end up seeing and hearing a lot.
 And the memories stick in your head.
 You feel the vibe of the room.
 And that's what happened today.