Monday, September 23, 2013

 Footy Boots 
The letter came home about the school footy club last weekend. It seemed ok. For children of all abilities it said. And it was on a night that we had free - Friday. 

"Hey I think you should try this out" I said to Chips.
He looked a bit doubtful and gave me a garbled story about how the letter wasn't the proper letter and that his teacher would be giving them a different letter later on next week.
I was a bit bemused but I didn't sign the letter and we didn't send it in and I waited to receive another footy letter from school but one never arrived. 

Roll on to Thursday evening. 

Chips then decides he is desperate to go to this footy club,absolutely desperate.
By this time I have displaced the letter and we have not got the right kit for footy club. No boots and no shin pads. The essential items.

We had tears. Lots and lots of tears.

I knew somewhere in this house we would have a pair of footy boots that would do the job.But where?
It was late in the evening,I had been on the go all day,school run,work,shopping,swim lessons,sorting out dinner,there was no way I could locate a suitable pair of boots. They could be anywhere, the garage,the loft and they were not places I wanted to search at 7.30 on a Thursday night.

During the screaming habdabs Chips big brother walked in from playing footy himself. He ruffled Chips hair and asked what was wrong. He thought he knew where some boots were and went off to search the garage. Unfortunately the boots were not the size twos that we needed,they were size fours and they were that bit too big,even with footy socks on,to be safe.

The tears returned. It was nearing the end of the week and Chips was tired. It was a unhappy little boy that was eventually tucked up in bed that night.

Friday came and that evening as I was cooking dinner T walked in and went through to the lounge. I didn't think much more of it until i got called to go through to the lounge. There stood a very proud little boy dressed in a football kit....shorts,socks,shin pads and new shiny boots.

I couldn't believe my eyes! And even now I can't say which bit made me more proud and teary....the little boy who was prouder than proud stood in his first pair of footy boots or the bigger boy who had done all this for his little brother.

It was one of those moments that you don't forget in a hurry.

The boots were a perfect fit,everything was,the socks,the shorts,it was all spot on.

Young Chips was over the moon. He never took those boots and shin pads off all night. He took them upstairs with him when he went to bed and he carried them down stairs and put them on first thing when he woke up on Saturday morning.

I was over awed at what T had done for his little brother. Earlier in the week he had also brought his other brother tickets for a concert of one of his favourite singers.

To me this is magical,it really is. I'm proud of you biggest son of mine,you are showing real care for your brothers and this makes me very happy. You're a good un! 

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Repeat Play#1 Pyro

Read here to see what Repeat Play is all about. My first song choice is Pyro by The Kings Of Leon.

I really love this song,the music is great and I like his voice and once I hear it,I want to play it again and again.

But,the words....

I'm not so keen on the words.

He sings that he will not be her cornerstone.

So what is a cornerstone,let's see...

It is usually the first stone at the corner of a building.
An important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.

And there is this man singing that he won't be her cornerstone.

Well I know some might think that at least he is being truthful,I think it's not good enough.

What exactly does he mean?

Is he not to be depended on? I see no point in him being there then if he can't be depended on. Nobody should be in a relationship with someone they can't depend on,it's not good if you can't count on your partner to be there when you need them.

And why is he like this? Why can't he grow up and support his partner,instead of just singing that he won't be her cornerstone. Basically it's just not good enough. So although I love the music in this song,the words make me very cross and I end up exclaiming "Why won't you be her cornerstone!!!"

It makes me a bit growly!

But it is on my repeat play list and once I hear it,I do repeat play it....even if I do think the man is a right flaky character!

School News #2
This week has been a rainy old week. Not so bad in the mornings,just damp and sometimes drizzly,enough to make your hair go manic though! It's been cold too. On the days were the skies were blue, the weather was extremely chilly and hands and fingers felt cold,maybe even cold enough for gloves. One little boy is not yet in his coat though,preferring to just walk in his sweatshirt,to be honest he would walk in his polo shirt if I let him but I draw the line at that. He always comes out of school with just his polo shirt on though,come rain or shine. Its not far to our house though so I tend to think if he was really bothered by the weather he would put it on. To say its only September it's pretty cool out there. No Indian summer up to yet.

Most mornings this week I have had to wake Chips up. He seems to be getting quite a sleepy head when it comes to waking up. He has had a couple of later nights and I guess it's showing. 

For a couple of days this week he had carried a conker around in his pocket. It seems to mean a lot to him. I cringe,as I wait for the day he loses it or someone takes it away from him. But up to yet the conker lives! 
Thank goodness!

On Monday Chips saw a rainbow at school,gotta love rainbows! 

Friday it was Jeans For Genes day and I think Chips looked really cool in his jeans and school sweatshirt. I hope the school managed to raise loads of money as its for such a good cause. 

Chips,reading book this week,is a football story,about TJ,a eleven year old boy who loves football. Chips has read 130 pages and seems to be liking the story,he takes it to bed with him and carries it downstairs every morning,so I think it's fair to assume that he is enjoying it. 

The sock saga is still carrying on. Today my friend said to him "Have you got your socks on" and he proudly said "Yes"
Then he looked at us,grinned and said "I actually didn't do PE today"
So that's why the socks were on!! It made me and my friend really giggle. 

Oh and this is a bit of rosy....late last night I looked in Chips school bag,mainly to see what homework we were up against this week and I found that last weeks homework had been marked and Chips had got all his maths right! I was so pleased,especially as he had done it all independently.I don't think I even went near the table as he was working.This made me really happy and then I checked his homework diary and his teacher had written "Chip really impressed me with his reading this week. Well done Chips." I loved that because if there is anything you need to know about Chips,it's that he loves reading and he loves books.And it looks like his new teacher now knows this. I went to bed feeling happy after finding those two little pieces of niceness,a good way to end school news 2.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

View From A Hill
Stood high on a hill top, looking down,
At patchwork fields lying all around.
Theres a blustery wind blowing through my hair
But it's so beautiful here,I haven't a care.
Greens and yellows,greys and blues
The colours are vibrant and so is the view.
Down in the valley lies a little farm
When it's dogs started barking I ran in alarm!
Motorbikes go tearing,up the hill,then zooming round the bends
Engines screeching,the noise never seeming to end.
The stone clad walls so fascinated me
A jigsaw made of stone,what a sight to see.
Clouds in the sky, not seeming to move at all
Still,grey and silent,looking like rain would eventually fall.
Apart from cars and bikes,all was still,
I stood and looked until I'd had my fill.
Actually though,I could have stayed there for hours,
In the pretty patchwork countryside,looking at trees,fields and flowers.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Big Pool

A group of 10 little swimmers stood in a line,their bodies bobbing up and down in excitement and anticipation.

Nobody was still in that line. The excitement and nerves had totally taken over and all that could be seen was hands flickering,fingers tapping their legs,knees bending,feet that were moving even though the children were stood in a line and the line was going nowhere. 

Not yet anyway.

But the children knew where the line was heading. Somewhere where they wanted to go but somewhere that held a touch of the unknown for them ~ the big pool! 

Yes,the big pool. Where the water is deeper,much,much deeper and colder too and your feet can only just touch the ground and if you ever get to swim to the top end of the big pool your feet can't touch the ground at all! Not even a bit.
And that's why the children in the line were all of a move,it was their time to see what it felt like to go into the big pool. 

My Chips glanced across at me and grinned,he always grins. I grinned back. Who was more nervous I'm not sure. Probably him,he was the one who had to actually do this but I was also nervous and very proud too. He was going in the big pool!

The swimmers followed their teacher along the swimming bath floor and through a big blue see through door. The air hit you as you walked through that door,just like the water was colder in the big pool so was the whole atmosphere. 

And it was so big in there. Benches where parents could sit, rose right up, nearly to the ceiling,no cramped nearly sitting on each others knees in there. If you wanted a bit of solitude this was a good place to find it. It was like going from a sardine can to Wembley arena,so much space. And what did the parents do....? We all huddled together of course! Habits are hard to break!

And then there was the water. A big expanse of water. It was cordoned of into lanes and at the far end swimmers were doing laps up and down. 

A lot to take in for the little group of excited swimmers who were now sat dangling their legs over the side of the pool,dipping their toes into the cold water. 

The teacher explained that four people would get a turn to see how far they could swim and then everybody would get a chance to swim to the flags,which were maybe five metres in distance. 

The first person to have a turn was a little girl (M) she started to swim and just kept on going. And going and going! She did her 25metres,just like that! We couldn't believe it! We had only seen her swim in the small pool and that was up to ten metres. To see her swim 25 metres was amazing. We were absolutely choked! Even now I think wow!
A couple more children had a go and then it was Chips turn. He slid into the pool and then did backstroke up to the flags. It was fab! My mum and I were so proud,so absolutely proud. And so was he! 

After they all had had a turn at back stroke they all got the chance to jump in,individually and swim front crawl style from the flags to the beginning of the pool.
Chips did great. He said he forgot to breathe and he also said that at least he didn't sink,which is always good!

It was a very different little line of children that went back into the little pool that afternoon. You could almost feel the relief of the children. They had done it! Yay!

And the little pool felt like home. What was seen before as the unbearable heat was seen as comforting now,all cosy and warm. And it felt safe. It's good to move on and try something new but it's always so good to come back home.

And my favourite bit was when it was playtime. The children embraced it totally. Little bodies where everywhere in the pool!Jumping in the water,swimming with surfboards and going up and down the slide. They were truly happy,you could see it and feel it.

All that packed into a half hour swim lesson!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

School News.
Well Chips seems to be settling into year five. He is very quiet about it all and this is out of character. It's been a big change for him,a new teacher,upper school and the reorganisation of his classmates,quite a lot to deal with and I'm wondering if that's why he's quiet. There's no gossip and school life chitter chatter spilling readily from his lips these days and at home time he walks up to greet me. No running,no shouting madly,no bag slung across the playground,just a little boy appearing at my side and looking up at me without a word. He says he's ok when asked but as his mum I can sense the change has shaken him. Hopefully he will soon get used to these new changes. 

Thinking about it,it has only been just over a week so in hindsight I think he has done incredibly well.
Isn't it funny what writing words down does! I began writing this post to capture the little tiny bits of Chips school life. I thought I may do it every couple of weeks or monthly. And in doing so I have answered my own thoughts about Chips quietness regarding school.
It's been one week! Eight days to be precise. Of course he is taking it all in. It's all different and eight days is no time at all. Time moves so fast,doesn't it?I feel that the kids have been back at school forever now. But they haven't! They have just done eight days. So for me and any other mum who is thinking or worrying about any changes in behaviour they can see in their child,or about of their little one is not eating enough at school or the classic one if their child had got any friends,let's step back and give them some space and time to find their feet before we worry too much,eight days is not a long time for them to get used to school life and within a month things may look all so different. 

So back to Chips! 

Well he has bought spellings home this week and his first piece of year five maths homework and at first glance I can't do it!!! What's that about! Hopefully if I look again,very carefully it will all become clear,maybe....
He also has a project. This needs to be started sooner rather than later because I don't want that panic feeling as a project deadline approaches,not for me or him. Not so nice that feeling. 
His reading book this week was called The Invisible Dog and this was quite apt as this book got lost amongst the washing pile for two days this week!I had searched the whole house for it and was glad to find it,although I did have a wry smile when I found out just where it had been hiding.That washing pile will be the death of us all!
So those aspects of school are starting again with a bang. 

Something that made me smile/wince was the fact that he came home yesterday without his socks on. He was in a hurry to get dressed from PE and socks are his nemesis. I winced because I don't want him walking around without socks all day. I smiled at the way his mate told me,by lifting his trouser legs up and saying "Chips looks different to me" and then looking pointedly at Chips.
At this point Chips had that kind of look on his face that told me instantly that something was amiss and he reluctantly pulled his trousers up to reveal that he had no socks on. Actually I'm now wondering where those socks are! Maybe I should find out before I find dirty school socks that have been in his school bag for weeks!
We need to practice,yet again,sock putting on *sigh*

Oh the other big news this week is that the guinea pigs have been in Chips class. Yes Jerry and his rascal brother Ben have spent the week in 5P. Chips has held Ben! I'm not too sure what the young guinea pig has been up to but it has warranted a mention in the school newsletter so it must have been something. It was even said that if he didn't behave he may have a detention! Rascal Ben!

And that is week one of school news.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Backs
This post is to add to my Add A Memory section where I keep all my old family memories.
It's about where I used to play when I was at home at my parents house. We called it The Backs
I lived in a terraced house when I was younger. To the front was a tiny garden and the houses were raised up from the pavement level ,you had to climb up about seven or eight steep steps to reach them. This meant that not many people passed your house even though it was a terraced house. Now, I can see how lucky that is,back then I took it for granted,as kids tend to do.
We had a yard and a garden and then at the back of the houses was a bit of space,enough to just squeeze a car down,and then parallel to that was the back of the next street of houses.
This is what we called the backs and this is where we played and spent most of our free time.

There was quite a mixed bunch of kids,girls and boys from the age of four to teens and we all mixed in.

The game of choice was usually football and you had to play football or you didn't fit in. Someone would be in the goal and then the others would scramble around in our own made up version of the beautiful game. It's from those days that I got my love of football. It's not so evident these days,life moves on and other things came into my life...mainly kids but I still do have a soft spot for football as a sport and remember the old days and the old rivalries that there used to be. I used to like Forest and my friend next door but one was the Liverpool supporter and Chris up the backs supported Man Utd,it made for some interesting times! At that age you are really passionate about stuff and we used to tease each other unmercifully if one of our teams lost.

I guess we would do other things too but playing football is the thing I remember most.

We would sometimes just hang around and sit on the edge of the kerb watching the world go by. It wasn't often we went to play in each others houses,I guess not many parents wanted a gang of kids that size rampaging around their homes and we never even really went in each others yards and gardens,time was mostly spent on the backs and the surrounding nearby streets.

There wasn't many fall outs either to say there were so many kids of different ages,we all just mingled in together and any differences were soon sorted out.

Looking back at those days I can see we had some fun times and when I walk up to my mums I still remember those days and the gang who I used to play with. 

Anybody else remember any of your childhood haunts or the games you used to play?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Autumn
Dear Autumn
Hello and welcome back! 
 As sad as Iam to see summer go,Iam so very happy to think that you are on your way back to visit us. 
 Why...? Because I love you Autumn,I always have. 
 I like the feel of you,when I feel your nip in the air I just dress up warmly in clothes that snuggle me and go for walks in the fresh,cooler air that you bring. The winds that blow start to change from warm summery breezes to cooler,brisker,blustery winds,that make the trees rustle and the fallen leaves dance along the ground. I love this feel,I truly do. 

You bring such wonderful changes in nature dear autumn. 

The colours all around are so beautiful as summer ends and you take over and turn the green leaves into reds,yellows,oranges.
Crunchy leaves on the ground that you can swishily kick through.
Those little seeds that fall to the ground about this time of year,we call them helicopters you throw them up in the air and they spin to the ground like the rotor blades of a helicopter. I hazard a guess that they may be sycamore seeds but I'm very unsure of that me they are helicopters and ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by them,I still am!
Conkers! Anyone who knows me well will know that I love conkers. I love to take the boys out to find conkers and I find conkers in all kinds of strange places like my handbags,coat pockets etc all year round,don't ask me why,I just do. So I have to love you, the season that brings conkers,obviously.

All the little festivals that occur throughout this time of year - harvest,halloween,bonfire night,that gradual build up towards the big one,Christmas. I love the feel of it all and I can remember as a little girl feeling so excited about those things,that feeling stayed for years and years,it may not be quite as passionate these days but I still remember it.
I have a feel of being cosy and snug when you arrive Autumn. The nights start to draw in and it begins to drop dark earlier and earlier. Street lights start to turn on earlier and it's good to get home and snuggle up on the sofa after a brisk walk has blown all the cobwebs away. 

I think this sums you up to me Autumn,how contrasting you make me feel. The cooler weather but the snuggly clothes,the summer flowers dying but the beautiful changes in leaves,the darker nights returning but the sparkly lights being turned on to combat the darkness. To me it is comforting.
And talking about comforting... there is the return of big warm dinners. Dinners that warm you up,soups and stews,jacket potatoes,bonfire night grub...nice and my kind of cooking,see,even my cooking gets better in the autumn! I guess Iam truly a Autumn person!
I even like the snuggle up television programmes that come onto our screens when you appear Autumn. Saturday night tv at its best,for all that's worth!

So I'll say it again,welcome back Autumn,it's nice to see you again.

Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm not ready for the summer to end,not at all.
I have enjoyed seeing young Chips running around in shorts all summer long. I can't even imagine him in trousers now,especially not school trousers.
We have all enjoyed the lazy mornings and a couple of mornings this week I even got a lie in past eight o'clock,that was nice,really nice.

I like the evenings,there is no pressure on any of us,if we want to laze around we can,without death and destruction occurring the following morning. That is a precious feeling,one that I really appreciate. The slowing down of time and life compared with the usual impossible busyness that leaves you with head spinning brain frazzle that hurts and a feeling of total collapsation,not nice or good for anybodys health. 
  I enjoy seeing the boys interact together. Yes they do argue and torment each other 90% of the time but the other 10% is great. They run and chase each other,they play football together,they curl up on the settee together,they spot aeroplanes together,they chatter,they giggle and it is good. 
I like getting out into the fresh air on a daily basis,I'm hoping I can keep this up as much as possible,the fresh air is helping me to breathe just lately,without it I struggle to smile as much.

This has been the summer of ups and downs and round and rounds,of making do with a little and finding a lot,of finding peace in whatever tiny space its hiding and holding on to it tightly because even a little peace is better than none,right?

The summer of getting lost continually,everyday and then getting found.

There was the Saturday morning breakfast club that begin as a one off treat and became a weekly occurrence but still such a treat. We have got the order down to a tee and now nobody says the words flying start without grinning.
And its there that we have learnt the noble art of pouring tea from a teapot - ain't we posh.

We have visited every single park in the whole vicinity of where we live. Every single one! Twice over. 
Slides,trim trails,roundabouts and swings are us. And talking about swings,we have swung on swings till our tummies have flipped and made us squeal inside. Racing on swings to see who can get the highest,the stuff of childhood for sure.Just like the spinning on roundabouts,it may be free and simple but it don't half make you laugh.

It was the summer of the Capri Sun - if there was a Capri Sun in my bag you were set for an adventure, Capri Suns mean go.

Lots of reasons why I'm not ready to see the summer go. Go it will though,I hope the autumn is kind to us.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Ordinary Moments

I just adore this photo,so very much.
I love the way Chips cuddly monkey is swinging 
And the brightly coloured summery clothes that Chips has on
We had been out walking and got lost,yet again,but we were still happy.
A ''Lets hold hands'' kind of walk.
I can still feel the feel of the walk a week later
When I got back home and saw this photo it summed it up
A summery walk,with his cuddly and his mummy,how perfect is that.

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Silent Sunday