Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What is it about water that children everywhere and some grown ups too love?

The past two days of the summer hols have been hot,really hot and Chipmunk has had the paddling pool out.

Our paddling pool is only a dinky little thing but does it matter...not in the slightest it seems!Chipmunk can spend hours in there,splashing away merrily and the beauty of a tidgy pool is that it's easy to fill and empty and therefore can be got out at short notice whenever a suitable opportunity arises ( due to lack of suitable opportunities it has only been out once this year!

And that day was Tuesday,the day I saw my 19yr old son fit in that dinky,tidgy pool with his young brother.How they fitted in I'm not sure but they did!And what fun was had!

It turned into a water fight,the first weapons were innocent washing up liquid squirters,which then moved onto small water pistols,which then resulted in a jug been used and then the ultimate thing was the water soaker and that's when we got drenched and it turned full on!

It caused much laughter and on one of the hottest days of the year Chipmunk stayed incredibly cool and very happy.

After watching my eldest son dive around throwing water at everyone it seems to me that you never get too old to play with water!

My theory was then proved right the next day as we went for a picnic at a local country park and one of my oldest friends produced a water bomb machine.

The children had a fab time throwing water bombs at each other but even more fun throwing them at the grown ups!

There were a lot of wet people by the end of the afternoon,most of them laughing though!

As I said before,water seems to have this effect on people!The urge to throw it and the capacity to make people smile.

Let's paint

Creating the Olympic Rings

The finished rings

Lets get creative
Chipmunks freestyle rings

One very painty plate!
We had real fun making the Olympic rings.We used toilet rolls,paint
and a bit of artistic license at the end and I actually think that was my 
favourite bit.We are going to give the finished paintings to Chipmunks grandparents.

Monday, July 30, 2012

That Lazy Summer Feeling

We have had one week of the school holidays and I'am loving it.

There is not much money to spare here these days and we haven't been anywhere fabulous but it's still good if you take it at its own level.

All the things that stress me about work or the school routine have been taken away for 6 weeks.

No more having to have uniforms ready everyday,we can wear whatever.

The washing pile is down,due to time and good weather,it's not been this low since before I can remember.Usually it has a life of its own,is taller than me and is horribly out of control but now it's neat and you can actually fit things in the basket ~ a vast improvement!

I don't have to have lunchbox stuff ready or clean and prepare those boxes.
We can have hot snacks instead of sandwiches everyday.This is so much easier for me and I don't have to see S or T just leaving the sandwiches and eating the junky bits in there!Its a win!

We have got into a routine of going out early,while the older boys are still in their beds.

It's cooler then and we have had some great times scootering round the complex.
It's a time to talk together,no distractions,no jobs to just do,no phones or iPad to just look at for a minute and it's good.We have chattered away about all sorts as we have walked.
It's so pretty down there,we have noticed colourful flowers

And found the biggest cones in the world!We spent ages looking at this tree and feeling its spiky sharp pine needles.

We have noticed how cool and sheltered we feel down by the stream,under the trees and how peaceful it is down there early in a morning.All green and lovely,a little haven away from the busy bustling world.

And being down there does make you slow down and look around and appreciate the natural world.

There are hills to roll down

and bridges to throw sticks into the water from and watch them drift through to the other side and as of yet this entertains Chipmunk again and again,long may it do so.

This bridge is getting rickety and has a gaping hole in one side of it but still we lean over it and watch our sticks swirl through the water,some getting stuck and others racing to the other side.A age old game that still holds fascination for children worldwide.

Even when we go the other side of the village near the shops time is different.We don't have to rush.No clocks to look at.We can take it as it comes.If we need anything from the shops we just saunter around them,pick up stuff for lunch and walk back home.
The hustle and bustle of live has toned down immensely.I wouldn't say it had gone,looking after this brood means it will be here for much longer but it's not as demanding at the moment and I for one am loving that summery lazy daisy feeling.
Today we had.......



Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Week That Was

Sunday - scootering

Monday - pooh sticks

Tuesday - blowing dandelions

Wednesday - waiting for water bombs

Thursday - posting letters

Friday - Lying in wait!

Sunday - bedtime reading

The first week of the school hols has been great!

Silent Sunday

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Six word Saturday 

The Olympics are here at last

So after all the waiting and hype the Olympics have finally started!

We are looking forward to watching the events unfold and seeing if our local hero Rebecca Addlington can win more holds for Britain!

As Chipmunk is sports mad I can only presume that he will love it all.

Our watching will be done through the tv though,no traveling up to London for us.

Chipmunk has been tracking the torch since day one and I can't wait to see his face when it gets to the Olympic stadium.

After the drenching we got when it passed through our village I don't think any of us will ever forget it!

I have never known rain like it,it rained so hard the rain was stinging my eyes,there was thunder and lightening and those poor children were drenched down to their underpants.It took over two days for Chipmunks shoes to dry out!

And still the children cheered though!

We have been doing a few Olympic crafts here and talking about the Olympic rings.Chipmunk made the above painting using his fingers to make the circles,he made a real fuss at first but soon got into it,especially when he saw the pattern of the Olympic rings begin to form.

I can see that we will spend a fair amount of time watching these Olympics,let's hope TeamGB win a few medals!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Splashy Smiles
Ah I have so missed doing Splashy Smiles there have been so many little tinsy things that have made me smile recently I hardly know where to begin!So I'll make a start and then hopefully Splashy Smiles will not seem so daunting next time!
So here is what's been making me smile recently.

Little boys singing the whole of their last years Christmas Concert on the patio as I peg out the washing make me smile.
Bearing in mind it is July!

Chipmunks description of these clouds made me melt,never mind smile

"Mummy,if we reached up and tasted one of those clouds it would taste just like marshmellow"

I think you are spot on Chipmunk,they sure look like marshmellow to me!


When out scootering Chipmunk saw a workman laying diamond cable lines down,he said 

"I know what that means Mummy,it's where all the diamonds are kept"

If only Chipmunk!


When buying juice Chipmunk said

"Mummy I need this one"

"Why?" I asked

"Because it's double concentrate," he answered "And it helps me concentrate"

That made me giggle,wish that was true too!


When we passed a christening the other day Chipmunk noticed lots of people were wearing hats,

"I know why they are wearing hats," he said.

"Why?" I asked

"To keep their hair on of course!" he answered indignantly!

I had to look away at this point because he gets very upset if he thinks I'm smiling at him but it did make me chuckle.

Now I've caught up with these smiles I can be on the look out for more smiley moments.Im sure to catch more as its the hols.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bubble Bubble





uh oh


Monday, July 23, 2012

End Of Year Thoughts

Well that's it,another school year is over!

Is it me or do these school years go quicker each time?No sooner are the children starting back school all dressed in their new uniforms then it's end of the summer term and all the uniform is totally dropping to pieces and the children are tired and crabby due to lots of summer excitement such as sports days,swim lessons and of course 'transition'

For us it saw Tiger and Sharky leave school ( Tiger 6th form and Sharky school ) and Chipmunk going to year four.

I'm confident about year four ( hope I'm right! ) I think that Chipmunk won't have to deal with the horrors of leaving a beloved infant school and starting a brand new school like he did last year.Hes had a year at this school and fought his way through (quite literally actually!) and now he's much more settled.He will still be in lower school and his new teacher sounds firm but fair.I'am hoping that this will be a easier year for him and I don't feel so apprehensive about it either,this is a good feeling!I looked in on him while he lay sleeping last night and the thought that he was 'safe' in my care for six weeks was amazing,I know he will have his moments,probably on a daily basis,and I will have mine too,but at least he will be with his family and away from some of the more stressful situations he faces on life.A break will do him good and not having to worry about him will do me good too!

I'm ready for the long break,got a lot of sorting and tidying to do and more importantly a lot of playing and memory making to do!Bring it on!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Six Word Saturday

''Thought Of As One Of Mine''

There are two main reasons why these six words mean so much too me this week.

In my job I have contact with a lot of children.I have worked with children since I was 16years old and that is many moons ago!

I have seen those children grow up,some have gone to university,some have got married,some have children of their own and I have even taught those children!

But one thing remains constant,whenever a child has been in my group,I think of them as one of mine.

When I'm out and about and I see one of my former pupils I will often say to whoever I'm with;

" They were one of mine"

I do this without even thinking.

They can be all grown up and I will still think of them as one of mine

Earlier this week I went to see Sharky pick up a award for his work in construction.

I was very proud of him,he went on the stage and shook hands with the head teacher.

He got a certificate and a badge and his name in a brochure with all the winners of awards.

It was a good evening and great to see so many children recording awards for a real variety of reasons.

And that's when I started to spot children who I had taught at the age of three.

And the thought that popped into my head was

They were one of mine!

And I was so proud of them and their achievements.

The second incident involves school swimming ( yes I know it rules my life at the mo! )

Chipmunk has been really lucky to be in a group with only 7-8 children.The instructor is great and the children work well together.
We have been at the swimming baths for two whole weeks now and I stand watching these children and constantly head counting and noticing how far they have come on with their swimming.

And today they went in the big pool for the first time!

I felt like a mamma duck watching her babies swim for the first time!

I was so nervous for them!

They all did well though and they have all got their 10 metres today!

I was taking to my mum about it and I said about them being in my group and how protective I felt and it occurred to me again that I thought of them as mine.

It seems to me that I 'adopt' children on a regular basis and once they have been with me they are always mine ( in the best way possible! )

I'm lucky to have worked with such great kids,for me I wouldn't want it any other way

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goggles,certificates and stress!

Well another week of swimming has passed and it's been a mixed bag of good and not so good things!

I'll start with the not so good(get it out of the way) well Chipmunks emotions are running high as he's been tired and hot and so we have had some spectacular melts,some at school most at home!
I'm running on empty as I dash from place to place trying to do it all ( whenever does that ever work )
The food here is getting sparse as I hvnt had time to shop,we have been living on what's in the cupboard and freezer.Having said that,it's not killed us and probably saved a bit of money!
I have had no time in the afternoons to put the final touches to my nursery work and that means pulling it in at night and that in turn means not much sitting down and a pretty shattered me.

Now for the good...

Chipmunks swimming has improved ten fold!
He is getting stronger and can go further now without stopping.He is much more confident in the water and has even enjoyed jumping in today,time after time and even smiling about it!

His front crawl is probably his strongest stroke,followed by backstroke and lastly is breast stroke which he is finding pretty hard at the moment.

And today he has done double swimming and at his lessons he has got two awards!

This thrilled him!Oh and he has been put up into the next class!
18 months we have been in this class and now it's our turn to move!What a achievement ~ slow and steady wins the race so the saying goes.

After talking to his school swim instructor I have decided that Chipmunk can have some goggles and he is so pleased!He has blue ones and can't wait to try them out tomorrow!

So all the ouches are worth it and onward we go,he has a swim lesson everyday next week and I'm hoping he gets even stronger *swimming rules*

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Six Word Saturday

''Lately Every Day Is Swim Day !''

Yep it's true,lately every day is swim day here and what a week it's been!
School swimming started this week.At Chipmunks school they do block swim lessons,so for two whole weeks the children go swimming every afternoon.

Chipmunk has never been swimming with the school before and I was quite nervous about him going.

I therefore volunteered myself as a parent helper and now every afternoon,after being at work all morning,I join Chipmunks year group to go swimming.

There are 70 children in the year group,this means it's quite noisy ~ slight understatement here!

And lots of days it's has been pouring with rain,so the children have had to scurry to and from the baths in horrible conditions.

It's been a real eye opener helping out at swimming but I have really enjoyed it.

It's great getting to know Chipmunks peers and good to see the dynamics of the school.

And the progression of the children is amazing!It brings a lump to my throat to see them beginning to relax more in the water and to believe that they are doing well.Now they are even smiling in the water,a big change from Monday afternoon when they looked slightly apprehensive and not that smiley.

As for Chipmunk I'm so proud of him!He's doing so well and trying incredibly hard.

He is going across the baths more strongly on his front,back stroke seems more problematic as he struggles to get into starting position and has a real struggle to get back up from back stroke position ( lovely to see his classmates helping him to get up and being so positive about how's he doing) and I'm beginning to see him even get his face wet!Today he had splashes of water on his cheeks,a very rare thing to see!

One more week to go,I wonder what that will bring!I can't wait to see!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Dinosaur Mess

Digging for dinosaurs
is hard work
achy hands
a little tug
ta dah - dinosaur

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today in our village it's been 'transition day'

Every child has gone to meet their new teacher.

Nursery start this off,we take our little nursery children up to 'big school' then all the school children move up,some go up to junior school,some even move on up to secondary school ~ big steps for small people.

At sports day last week my mum was saying how lovely the school campus was.

It starts with nursery and then next to it are the Infants,then Juniors and then just over the school field is the comp.

All within a stones throw from each other.

This must help transition,the children can see the next school up on a daily basis.

The schools also work together and do quite a bit of interschool work.

The infants often visit the juniors for playtimes etc and the junior children go back to the infant school to read with the year two's.

The comp holds lots of sporting events that the juniors go on.We are going on one tomorrow ~ Olympic Day.

The comp children organise sporting activities and watch the young junior children as they attempt the activities.They get awards for this,such as young sports leaders certificates and it is really good to se different age children working together in this way.Many of these childen have been to the nursery where I work when they were younger and its always great to see how they are growing up.

It must aid transition as from a young age all the children visit the schools and hopefully this makes it slightly less daunting when the time comes for them to make the jump to the next step of their education.

Chipmunk spent the morning with his new teacher,he hasn't said much about it,I'm not sure why,perhaps he's too tired and I know he has a lot of things on his mind at the moment.

I will soon find out for myself what she like.I hope we get a good teacher,someone firm but fair and with a sense of humour.

Fingers crossed!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As many parents do I love watching the boys as they sleep.

Now the older two are teenagers I go to sleep before they do and to catch them sleeping its a early morning thing,not a evening event at all!

No,if you go in their room late at night you will see little bright lights from iPods/iPhones etc.Now they have broke up from school I don't have the onerous task of collecting these electronic devices.
That was a nightly fight and half but one I thought was important enough to keep up.
I'm glad that that's over for a bit at least!

It's Chipmunk who I look at more at night now,he likes his sleep and is very routine about it.

Bedtime at 6.45pm,toilet,teeth and then a snuggly bedtime story.
We both love bedtime stories!That nice wind down before bed.I have his room nice and cool and he collects all his cuddlies around him and we always have at least 2 books and then chipmunk reads to himself before drifting off to sleep.

I think I like best that sleepy look he gets when he's drifting off to sleep.That inbetween waking and sleepy state.Nearly in dreamland but not quite.Little bleary eyes that are heavy and nearly closing after such busy days.

If I catch him like that he always speaks to me even though I can see he's soooo tired.

Arms spread wide
Clutching a cuddlie

Arms above head

Cross armed

Curled up

Just a few friends
I always look in on him before I go to bed and it always makes me smile.

When I mentioned how I loved up see Chipmunk asleep and how sweet he looked,my friend at work said

"Ahh,you do realise he's only charging his batteries up for tomorrow"

This did make me stop and think,but only for a moment,I still smile at a sleeping Chipmunk.