Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear So and So...

Dear So And So  

Dear Fair Owner,
I would really appreciate it if you could make your rides reasonably priced
I know you have got to make a living somehow but times are hard for parents,
Last time you came,the grown up rides were the same price as the childrens,
This just doesn't seem right!
So please think carefully and price wisely.
Im sure more family's would come if they could afford more than 1 ride!
from a skint mum
Dear Fair People Who Look After The Fish,
Now please listen carefully....
"Look After Your Fish More Carefully!!'' 
Its no fun winning a fish and then watching it die!
If you give these fish to innocent children you should make sure they are healthy.
From a fed up mum

Dear Fair Ground Fish.
I can guarantee that we will give you a great home.
Plenty of food,love and attention.
Just as long as you ''live''
From a desperate mum
Dear Fairground Rides
Could you please spin for a bit longer.
I'm sure you could do this for me.
Go on,you know you want too.
Imagine the fun of a few extra spins and twirls
From a mum who would like value for money

Dear Candy Floss,
Will you try not too stick in anyone's hair.
You make a terrible mess when you get stuck everywhere.
Please try to be a bit more non-stick,thank you
From a mum who has to carry wipes with her,when you are near!

I know that this weekend my arm is going to be twisted to attend this little
travelling fair,so wish me luck for all the above reasons!


  1. All the fun of the fair eh? Good luck xxx

  2. The only fair we go to is the annual school fair. It's still pretty expensive, but it's only once a year. No fish though - fish are notorious for not dealing well with travel, new water, the moon being in Scorpio. Damn fish! I love fairy floss, but not in my hair! Good luck!

  3. Well Sif and Mum of One...guess what....we didn't get to the fair!My youngest developed a ear infection & we spent the evening queuing at the doctors for medicine!Grr!

    So no fish :-/ I may be taking a trip to a pet shop later this week!!!!

    Thanx for your comments xx

    Love Jess