Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Little Reader

Chipmunk is a reader,through and through!He adores books,eats,sleeps and drinks books.
He will walk from the library with a book infront of his nose (literally) all the way home.

This afternoon after been checked at the doctors because of his ears still hurting,we popped in the library and this is what made me smile and write this post

It was Chipmunk sat,cross legged reading a book.

All around him was noise.

Teenagers on the computers.

Children playing with the library

Babies crawling around.

And there was Chipmunk,sat reading a book oblivious to it all!

And it did make me smile!

Keep reading Chipmunk,there are sooo many stories for us to read together :-)

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  1. That is so lovely. GG is exactly the same - chaos all around and she just doesn't notice it :)

  2. Actually Mummy ~ Isn't it great when they are true bookworms!It always makes me proud that I have encouraged a love of books in my boys :-)