Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Day

Well Chipmunk made it too school today & survived!
I'm hoping he improves daily and is over the worse of the virus.

I went for his first parents evening at juniors and was pleased with what his teacher was doing to support him and the effort Chipmunk is making at school.

He got a nice comment from his maths teacher who says he is trying hard in maths & that his maths homework is great.This pleased me because we do like the maths homework (surprisingly!) it's very hands on maths and quite enjoyable.

There was a nice comment on how well Chipmunk was doing in ballet! I knew he liked ballet more than he was letting on!
Apparently he did a really good leap last week!

And the teacher said he has a very good sight vocabulary.
I also got lots of Kipper,Chip & Biff magic key books to read to him over half term,which pleased me,we have read 2 already and enjoyed them,now we can catch up on the earlier adventures of Chip & gang!

Im very pleased with Chipmunk,he has made me proud :-)

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