Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

Today we had fun with pumpkins!

We went to the local shop and bought a pumpkin and carried it home

We then began to carve the pumpkin out.

This was a gooey messy business

And Chipmunk did not like it at all,infact he headed straight for the kitchen curtain and hid behind it!

We then drew a face on the pumpkin and the scariest bit was carving the face out with a very sharp knife!

We did it though and thankfully kept all our fingers ~ phew!

And this is the result

We were so pleased and when it was lit wow we were even more impressed ~ look it really glows!

For a first attempt at carving a pumpkin I think Chipmunk did so well!

And he was so proud of the end result!

As we all know,when children do it themselves it means so much more for them.

A job well done Chipmunk :-) /font>

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Six Word Saturday
 This weeks six words go as follows and everybody in our house would have to smile,nod their heads and agree!

Totally And Utterly All Kerplunked Out!  
To explain further Kerplunk is a game.
 You have straws and marbles and you have to carefully remove the straws without the marbles falling. The person with the most marbles loses.

You have to have a steady hand and infinite patience to set it up,especially first thing in a morning!

It takes 15minutes to set it up ( actually I'm so good at this now,it probably takes much less ) and 2 minutes to play!

But my youngest son loves it!

And we have had to stick inside because of his ear infection,so all week we have played Kerplunk!

And that is why I'm all Kerplunked out!

Good fun though and lots of laughs,squeals and fun had!

I'm linking this up to Six Word Saturday at Show My Face

Friday, October 28, 2011

Things I Know

This has gotta be quick! Half term is busy!

And I guess thats something I know, I know I need to not spend too much time near the computer while the boys are around.

Its so easy to get drawn in when you switch it on but I would really regret it taking time away from the boys, my time left with them will only last so long and I dont want to miss it,not any of it!

Does anyone else get drawn or sucked into computer time? Im guessing it cant be just me!I see these lovely blogs and know people spend time on Facebook and Twitter. I guess the word is balance here,trying to find a healthy balance is my aim at the moment :-)

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Dear So and So...

Dear Charity Bag, 
Please look after the clothes I have put inside you, 
They belonged to my precious boys. 
Some of them had been worn by all the boys, This makes them a family heirloom. 
But I can't keep them,we haven't got the room.
And they could be keeping someone else warm,instead of being stuck in a loft 
Please find them good owners 
Love from a over sentimental mummy 

Dear Blue/Green reversible coat,
I hope you find a new owner who takes care of you. 
All my 3 boys have worn you and I'm so sad to see you go. 
But my boys have out grown you now 
And you don't want to spend forever in a dark,dusty loft,do you?
Find a lovely little boy who will take you footballing,bike riding,splashing in puddles.
Wishing you luck and thanks for keeping my boys warm,
Love from all of us xx 
Dear Man At Swimming Baths,
Please develop some patience! 
Pulling,dropping,shouting & smacking a small girl in a public shower is just not good enough! 
You are supposed to be a grown up,please behave like a responsible one! 
From a cross onlooker
Linking up with Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow I love this meme and Im looking forward to seeing everyone elses letters.Due to half term and a wonky computer I only have 3 letters this week,judging by current events I will probably have a hundred next week!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Little Reader

Chipmunk is a reader,through and through!He adores books,eats,sleeps and drinks books.
He will walk from the library with a book infront of his nose (literally) all the way home.

This afternoon after been checked at the doctors because of his ears still hurting,we popped in the library and this is what made me smile and write this post

It was Chipmunk sat,cross legged reading a book.

All around him was noise.

Teenagers on the computers.

Children playing with the library

Babies crawling around.

And there was Chipmunk,sat reading a book oblivious to it all!

And it did make me smile!

Keep reading Chipmunk,there are sooo many stories for us to read together :-)

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Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee - Week 5

Well just like Actually Mummy says I too have not had much time this week to put blog posts together due to half term and lots of dashings about such as hairdresser appointments,doctors visits and the general cry of ''Play With Me'' from my 7year old.

But after playing Kerplunk for the upteenth time,doing floor jigsaws,practising spellings,doing washing,making toast,etc I've managed to sneak away to do this!

I havent been able to think of too much this week as I have been quite brain scrambled but two little itsy bits have made me smile
First is,guess what,Kerplunk related ( at the moment Kerplunk rules my life! )

When trying to set it up,which is a minefield in itself, my little one began frantically rooting around the box.
When I asked what he was looking for he answered
'' The constructions of course!''

Obviously he meant the instructions of course!

And just now he has said to me

''Be careful Mummy, the radihater is hot''

He knew it was not quite right but did not know how to say it properly :-)

Its these little things that I like to capture on Wots So Funee,without a place to save them, they could easily slip your mind.

So its over to Actually Mummy to see what funnies everybodys posting this week.I have already seen a couple and they did amuse me!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have been inspired by the posts of people writing about their favourite kids toys so Ive thought very hard and come up with the toys that are the most used in our house.

Now my youngest son is not the worlds best player he doesn't naturally like to play so that means a toy has to be really fun for him to play with it.

My list has really made me smile because most of the things are cheap and tried and tested things,what does that say to you :-)

It makes me think the old things are still good!

Here goes then

1. First toy without a doubt is a ball!Just a simple ball!
    It cost £1.00 and has given my son hours of enjoyment and has really improved his throwing and catching skills.Its involved all the family and we have had such fun with this ball!
 Second is a hoola hoop.
Again we have spent hours with this hoola hoop,just rolling it to and from each other,we have played with it on a daily basis and it is really good fun

Third is felt tip pens and colouring books.In the summer we spent a lot of time colouring.These felt tip pens were from the £1 shop (again!) so a really reasonable price for a toy that gave us hours of entertainment.

  Fourth is Trio.My son was bought some Trio at Christmas by his mamma and he does like it.It clips on well together sand you can build some good things like towers and er guns!

Fifth is a bike ~ this year my little one has been practising his bike riding skills.During the summer we spent hours on his bike outside on our cul de sac
All the boys have always loved their bikes and I think they are a great toy.

Writing this list has made me smile because it has focused me into the fact that most activitys that my son actually plays with are cheap £1 toys!
So why do we buy so much at Christmas in the first place! 
We have so many toys at our house and 3 of the most used things are from the £1 shop and yet they have entertained my son all year long!
I think I should listen long and hard to that message when I'm Christmas shopping!

Linking up with Kate for Listography

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chipmunks Drawings ~ 22.10.11

This month Chipmunks drawings are done on his ELC doodle thingy!

He put all my favourite things around me,flowers,smiley faces,silver cars ( we play count the silver car regularly ) and a house for me too live in!Needless to say,I loved it :-)

Well done Chipmunk!Beautiful work.

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Mum Of One

This week I Promise

Linking up again with Mum Of One to make my weekly promise. And this week I'm going for this:

I promise  to play some board games with you,go on lots of long walks,have lots of cuddles and chill out time and in general enjoy the half term with you. 

 Looking forward to reading everyone elses promises,sometimes I'm not being able to leave comments on everybodys blogs but I'am reading everybody's promises so a big wave to all the regular promise makers!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Six Word Saturday.

My six words for this week revolve around the happenings on our nearby field ~ a fair has come to town!All the children are so excited and my six words are:

         Normal old field,exciting old field!

Normal Old Field
Not Much Here
Then Caravans Appear

 A fair is here!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear So and So...

Dear So And So  

Dear Fair Owner,
I would really appreciate it if you could make your rides reasonably priced
I know you have got to make a living somehow but times are hard for parents,
Last time you came,the grown up rides were the same price as the childrens,
This just doesn't seem right!
So please think carefully and price wisely.
Im sure more family's would come if they could afford more than 1 ride!
from a skint mum
Dear Fair People Who Look After The Fish,
Now please listen carefully....
"Look After Your Fish More Carefully!!'' 
Its no fun winning a fish and then watching it die!
If you give these fish to innocent children you should make sure they are healthy.
From a fed up mum

Dear Fair Ground Fish.
I can guarantee that we will give you a great home.
Plenty of food,love and attention.
Just as long as you ''live''
From a desperate mum
Dear Fairground Rides
Could you please spin for a bit longer.
I'm sure you could do this for me.
Go on,you know you want too.
Imagine the fun of a few extra spins and twirls
From a mum who would like value for money

Dear Candy Floss,
Will you try not too stick in anyone's hair.
You make a terrible mess when you get stuck everywhere.
Please try to be a bit more non-stick,thank you
From a mum who has to carry wipes with her,when you are near!

I know that this weekend my arm is going to be twisted to attend this little
travelling fair,so wish me luck for all the above reasons!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alton Towers

Dear Tiger,

Today you are going to Alton Towers on a school trip.

I'm quite excited for you,it must be a good feeling to go to a fun place like Alton Towers with your friends and it's the Halloween Scare Fest there,so it will be really good!

I hope you get to go on all your fave rides.

I hope the que's are not too long.

I hope the weather stays dry and not too windy. 

I hope you get one of those drink cups and fill it up loads and loads and loads.

Then I hope you don't spend too much time in the toilets instead of the rides!

All in all I hope you have a fab time,it's a great start to the half term holiday for you.

Go enjoy and enjoy :-)

Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee

Linking up with Actually Mummy  to think about the funny things that our children say.

This week some of the things that made me laugh were the comment about taking '' toiletries'' into school for the harvest festival, a certain someone thought they actually meant take toilets into school! Imagine that in a harvest box!

Then one of the other boys asked oh so seriously if we would run faster if we had hooves on our feet!
This creased me up and I do wonder where that not so small boy gets his random questions from!

And at nursery when a teacher was sat with a child she said '' Ohh,there is a draft''

The little boy looked around and replied ''Wheres the Giraffe?''

This did make us all smile!

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Linking up with Shae from Yay At Home  to do Things I Know.

This week we are breaking up for a weeks holiday ~ woohoo! And that's what I'm basing this post on so things I know this week are;

We are all ready for a rest. I know its only 7 weeks since our long summer hols but with transition to junior school these have been 7 long,weary,weeks!

We will enjoy the  chilled out feel of school holidays,not putting a alarm clock on will be a treat!

There will be lots of appointments,doctors,dentist,hairdressers ( gotta be done jobs ) 

There will be fun! I would like to go to the cinema to see Tin Tin,to do the last few walks of autumn,to visit our summer holiday favourite park,to make halloween decorations are just a few ideas bubbling about.

I will enjoy listening to Smooth Radio in the mornings and trying to guess the Golden Hour.A small thing but it amuses me and keeps me busy!

I may even try to read a book!Since my Iphone arrived my reading has reduced drastically,so I may give books another go!Its quite unbelievable really as I was such a reader before,now I read blogs and Twitter!

I will find my youngest son a winter coat,he really could do with a new one.

Hmm something I really know is that as longs as the weather is dry and we get time to spend as a family together, I will be satisfied.
I could go on making loads of plans but that may only lead to me dashing around madly and perhaps feeling like I haven't got it all finished by the end of the hols.

So I'll stick with knowing that I'm lucky to have the break with the boys and make the most of each day whatever occurs!