Monday, October 3, 2011

Wot So Funnee

I found this meme over the weekend and I liked it because it's a really cheery thing to write about and also helps you to remember some of the funny things children say and there are always plenty of those I find!It's over at Actually Mummy

This week my youngest son made me smile when he was talking about the schools new PE lesson,it is ballet!

As you might imagine this has caused some mumblings and grumblings amongst the boys!

The night before the ballet class my son came into the kitchen and said,

 "Muuum,tomorrow we have got to have tattoo's for school"

I stopped preparing tea and looked at him, "Tattoo's?" I said

"Yes!" he squawked "Tattoo's"

Then I suddenly clicked on!
"Er do you mean Tutu's" I said,with just a incy,wincy grin on my face.

"Yes,that's it!!" said the small boy!

Well I didn't know wether to be relieved or not!You tell me,what's worse for a boy ~ a tattoo or a tutu!

Your guess is as good as mine! It did make me smile though!

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