Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Weekend.

Weekends are busy around here.
We fit in shopping, swimming,walking 
and getting everything sorted for the week ahead.
Sharky comes back from uni and works long hours
and then he goes back to uni, usually very tired.

Grandparents pop in on flying visits and we usually see quite
a bit of the older boys and their girlfriends. 
It is a nice family time,but very hectic.
Definitely a busy household.

We sit glued to the television watching Strictly 
and any sport that might be on and there is always sport on our television.
Every. Single. Day. 

This weekend was even more hectic than usual 
because it was Bonfire Night.
I did a little bonfire tea and I was proud because I 
made real mushy peas, just like the ones my grandma 
used to make and after a few moments of thinking that they had 
gone very wrong it all turned out ok and they actually tasted like real.
proper mushy peas. I was proper proud.

We went to a bonfire party which had so many people there it was unbelievable.
It was said on Facebook that over 4000 people attended it.
I'm not totally sure about that number, yes it was busy,
but I think 4000 people may be a slight overestimation.
It was good to see a big bonfire, it was so bright and very smokey.
We still have some sparklers to do, when we get a moment.

And now its Sunday afternoon and I still have plenty of jobs to do.
I'd better get on and do them!

Friday, November 4, 2016

This Time Of Year.
We have still got the Halloween decorations up.
I have just taken a few down and Chips has yelped.
We didn't have many up this year,just a few bits of pretty tinsel draped around 
and a row of skeletons around the arch and this little cat.
He used to live on my desk when I was at home,a long time ago.
I left him up to show my mum and she smiled, he has lasted a long time.
We have got our lovely pumpkins but even they might be on their last legs now
and unless we want to wake up to pumpkin goo all over the kitchen
(this has happened before) they will need to be put outside very soon.

Halloween was fun.
We went on a couple of Halloween Trails.
One at a local country park and the other at the forest.
The clues were really hard for the forest trail but it was a good trail.
The clues were letters hidden like this
 and this
 and then you had to spell a word out.
Would it be bad to admit that we couldn't work the word out?
But we did find lots of the other clues,thankfully!

The walk around the forest was lovely.
It was very peaceful although the weather was proper autumnal weather,
as drizzly as anything.
We saw pumpkins dotted all over the place.

 And we saw some friendly wooden creatures too.

There was food for the birds.
And plenty of very old trees.

Then on Halloween day we had spooky spiders on toast for tea 
and then we went trick or treating with Chips cousins.
It was really enjoyable and quite wow to see how fantastically some people 
had decorated their homes.
We had some yummy Halloween food and lots of sweets, which will take us to 
Christmas to eat!
We even dared to visit the witch that lives round the corner from us,
she is absolutely brilliant and this year she had a real moving broom.

Some of the fabulous pumpkins we saw.
Our very own pumpkin!

At the end of the night we were all shattered but it was a very good Halloween.

Now for Bonfire Night!