Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Midweek Thoughts

Today was busy; Chipmunk did ballet,games & physio and that is enough to whack anyone out!

Ballet at Chipmunks school is making me smile!
Chipmunk is saying that he hates it but he talks about it a lot and he came out of school and skipped up the road with me
"This is what you do at ballet" he said.
So he must be taking it in,like it or not!

Sharky went to school in his new school jumper.
First time he's worn one in years and it looked lovely or rather he looked lovely in it.
I knew better than to ask for a photo though!

It's so windy here,feels almost stormy!

Chipmunks long awaited school shirts have arrived!At last!Woohoo!

Tiger and Sharky's school is being OFSTED.
I hope they do well.Kind of community pride and all that jazz!

We have done Chipmunks maths homework on the day it was given us ~ there's a first!

Sharky has had a graze on his leg from playing rugby.
He is proud,I'am gutted!

And tomorrow is swimming!We like swim lessons :-)

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