Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Today Im linking up with Cate from Show My Face 
 to do Six Word Saturday.

My six words to describe this week are;

This Week Blogging Has Been Fun

Thank you to all the people who have stopped by my blog and posted a comment,it has meant a lot to me and made me smile.

When I work out a way to follow people anonymously I will do so,its only the anonymous thing that stops me doing it. I have added several new bogs to my google reader though and so am following in that way.

Have a good weekend everybody 


  1. Blogging is fun and a great way to learn and discover new things and meet great people. I'm a mum of three boys also. Have a super weekend

  2. I'm intrigued. Why do you need to comment anonymously? Granted blogspot is very chancy whether my Google identity works or not, but you can use your own blog ID with no problems on a Wordpress blog.

  3. Hi Viv,
    I love leaving comments and have no probs doing that,it was just when I tried to do Google friends connect that it flashed up all my name and I didn't like that.That's my bit I need to modify!
    I wouldn't like my absolute real identity to be known in case I wanted to blog about things that I didn't want coming back to my family.It's just a way for me to say things on not have any comeback

  4. Hello Fi :-)
    It's great being a mum of 3 boys I think!Noisy but great!Iam so new to blogging & am making a few bo-bo's on the way ( like putting up a link that didn't work on the first go at this post!Oops) but I do like blogging and am hoping to learn as time goes on :-) wishing you a great weekend too :-)

  5. Love the blog - and I enjoy blogging too, when I find the time. Have a great weekend yourself!

  6. Happy blogging!
    Have a great weekend and a happy 6WS!

  7. Thanks Olivia for such a nice comment :-) I've just had a look round your blog,your children are gorgeous :-) Have a happy weekend too x

  8. I will enjoy looking through your blog later today. Glad you've had fun!

  9. Blogs are a great way to be creative and expressive - and sometimes to blow off steam. :) You also make some wonderful friends that you would never get to meet otherwise. Glad you're enjoying your blog.

  10. Nice Blog! Have a great weekend!
    Here's my 6WS

  11. It's hard to stay anonymous on the internet.Nice blog.
    Dropping by from 6WS.

  12. Blogging is a lot of fun (and addictive, at least for me :)

    I blog somewhat anonymously (no pictures other than the dog, LOL, and no names other than mine and the dogs of family). While it is good to comment anonymously, some blogs won't allow anonymous comments. I'm sure you'll work out the system that works for you!

    visiting from 6WS; may your Sunday be a good one!