Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear So and So...

I absolutely love this meme! Its right up my street and if talking to inanimate objects and people who are not going to hear what I say is wrong so be it! I'm linking up with Kat at 3 Bedroom Bungalow to do Dear So And So

Dear Royal ballet,
Thank you for coming to my sons school to teach him and his classmates about ballet.
Of course there are a lot of mumblings and grumblings from the boys about you coming.
To be honest I don't think they want you at their school at all. But I think you are winning them around!
My son says he hates ballet but he seems to talk about it a lot and he shows me the moves you teach him,so something is going in! Keep up the good work

Love from a smirking mum

Dear Lunchboxes,
I'm sorry,I really am, but from next week I'm going to not be taking as good care of you :-(
You must have noticed your owners treat me badly and leave the carefully made sandwiches and scoff all the good stuff!
Well I've had enough!
It's so disheartening to empty sandwiches that haven't even been unwrapped and I've tried everything I can to make them more appealing but to no avail. So it's either rubbish lunches or my sanity and I'm choosing my sanity,coz to be truthful I need it to survive.
From now on no more expensive bread,different sandwich fillers every day,best chicken,lovely ham. Instead I'm buying cheaper bread & just putting cheese on or nasty cheap ham. At least then they will have a dinner if they want but I won't be totally out of pocket and upset if they waste it,as they have been doing lately. Perhaps one day they may get fed up and ask for other stuff but until then cheaper sandwich lunches rule
Yours apologetically
  From a mum of teen boys who prefer junk food to my carefully made sandwiches

Dear physio,
I'm sorry for my smallest boys behavior whenever he enters your room.
Its not acceptable that  he says he's bored (I think he means he finds it hard and can't be bothered) and he shouldn't roll when you say crawl and slide on his tummy when you ask him to crawl!
Of course I have told him to behave on many occasions, before we walk through your door and he always says he will, but the minute he walks through your door its as though he changes and he delights in doing everything awkwardly!
My apologies
From a highly embarrassed mother,grr!
Looking forward to hearing everyone elses :-)


  1. Haha! I went through a phase of creating adventurous and delicious lunchbox menus. It mostly came back uneaten, and the staff said they fancied it. We quickly changed to a daily cheese sandwich, strawberries and a biscuit - now it all goes!

  2. Dear Actually Mummy,
    Glad it's just not me then!Grr lunchboxes are the bane of my life!
    Love from Jess