Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee - Week 5

Well just like Actually Mummy says I too have not had much time this week to put blog posts together due to half term and lots of dashings about such as hairdresser appointments,doctors visits and the general cry of ''Play With Me'' from my 7year old.

But after playing Kerplunk for the upteenth time,doing floor jigsaws,practising spellings,doing washing,making toast,etc I've managed to sneak away to do this!

I havent been able to think of too much this week as I have been quite brain scrambled but two little itsy bits have made me smile
First is,guess what,Kerplunk related ( at the moment Kerplunk rules my life! )

When trying to set it up,which is a minefield in itself, my little one began frantically rooting around the box.
When I asked what he was looking for he answered
'' The constructions of course!''

Obviously he meant the instructions of course!

And just now he has said to me

''Be careful Mummy, the radihater is hot''

He knew it was not quite right but did not know how to say it properly :-)

Its these little things that I like to capture on Wots So Funee,without a place to save them, they could easily slip your mind.

So its over to Actually Mummy to see what funnies everybodys posting this week.I have already seen a couple and they did amuse me!


  1. Radihater is very cute! I love when they get words wrong!

  2. And of course he needed the constructions so he could read them aloud to you all! Love the little things they say - my friend's entire family will call spaghetti biscetti for the rest of time!

  3. BlueBirdSunshine ~ yes radihater is cute & so is the unsure face he does when he says it!He knows it's not quite right but doesn't know the correct word!

    Actually Mummy ~ yes " constructions " are sooo important! And we too have biscetti here too!Always raises a smile!