Saturday, October 15, 2011

Six Word Saturday

Time to think of just six words to describe my week!

For someone like me who uses more words than necessary  to say anything this is a challenge!

This week I'm going to go for -

Working Hard,Half Term Soon,Woohoo!

I only have 5 working days to do before haiving a week off with the boys and we are all on countdown!

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Last week I met some really nice people there,so its well worth popping over to see everyone's six words


  1. I love that feeling of anticipation. I've had it all this week, as my son's half term started today :)

  2. I love that you are looking forward to time with your boys!

    (visiting from 6WS)

  3. I love countdowns...Currently counting down till I have a baby! :)

  4. Oh a break with your boys sounds wonderful! Happy 6W Saturday!

  5. Thank you everybody for your comments :-) I do really look forward to time with my boys,even if we just spend it slouching about!Nice to rest up after hetic weeks of school routine

  6. The end is in sight!! It will be here before you know it! Hope you have a great break with your boys!