Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Midweek Splashes & Dashes

Wednesday!Thank goodness!This week as usual has been tiring.I'm glad it's Thursday tomorrow.

Our random snippets are;

* Still to hear how Tiger and
Sharky's school did in the
Ofsted review.
Hope they did well.Both boys
report that the school has
stepped up security because
of what was said by Ofsted.
Is that good because now they
are more secure or worrying
that they was not secure before!

* It's been hard this week to fit
Chipmunks reading school
reading in.
A party last night & he left his
book at school on Monday
The thing is that Chipmunk
enjoys being a *rocket reader*
because you get a lovely
sticker if you read 5 times a
We will have to catch up tonight
and tomorrow hopefully!

* Weathers taken a turn for the
worst here.
This reminds me that
Chipmunk needs a new coat.
I want one that is mega easy
to fasten and covers his legs
more this time.
His old coat was quite a short
style and I definitely do not want
elastic at the bottom of the coat
this time,it was way too hard for
him to fasten ~ things learnt in

* It will soon be gloves,hat &
scarf season too,that needs

* Here is is photo of Chipmunks

He planted it on a school trip
to the village allotments.
At first I thought it wouldn't grow
as it got a bit neglected but it
has done and every morning
Chipmunk checks it.
Today he was thrilled because
it is flowering!
We love it!
And his pots of Violas that he
planted about a month ago
are thriving.
He's turning into a little

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