Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bike Ride To Comp!

I just got to do a quick post about our fab bike ride to the comp!

After dinner today I decided to see just how far Chipmunk could ride his bike to.We set off towards our local comp and low and behold we made it there!

There was not much stressing and not much wobbling and a very proud mummy and son!

Chipmunk managed to go through gates,go up hills and even more scary ~ go down hills!

I even managed to ride my bike and I only got bumped off it once which is a major improvement to last year when I literally needed valium after a bike ride with Chipmunk!
This time it was nearly pleasurable!I still had to watch him carefully but the improvement was amazing and I'am so pleased!

We are winning! #bikeridingsuccess

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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Seven Words

My seven words for this week are
Too Much Play Leads To Jobs Undone
Join in with  and describe your week in seven words at doing it all for Aleyna


This week baby

I loved the idea of this meme (What exactly does meme mean?Can anyone give me a quick idea?I know what you are supposed to do when you see the word meme but Im curious as to what the word means) anyway I digress
The idea is to write one sentence to your baby/child telling them what you will try harder with this week it's over at Mum of One
My sentence would be
"This week baby I will try to look at you when I speak instead of sometimes talking when doing other things and not giving you my *full attention*'
I just think it's easy to get drawn into talking while being busy and for one week I want to make a concerted effort to put that right. What would your sentence be?

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Only one week left till school so it's a time for the last tattoos of summer.Chipmunk loves tattoo's at the moment so when he found some in town we bought them and he now has a cat tattoo on each hand.
When I looked in on him just now he had his hand peeping out his covers and I could see the tattoo,it made me smile.
No chance for tattoo's when we are back at school,perhaps on a Friday we can put a 'weekend' tattoo on to signify freedom from school!I don't even really like tattoo's but Chipmunk does so so be it!

We went to the I Play park and Chipmunk got to level 5!!He has wanted to do this for ages and he was proud!(So was I)

Then we played a brilliant game of Hopscotch!I'm going to get the chalk out and play Hopscotch tomorrow,it's great for coordination and really good fun too,we both enjoyed it.

We played hide and seek on the park and Chipmunk found some good places to hide.
I think today we used all the play equipment not just the I Play,perhaps because Chipmunk had conquered level 5 he did not feel the need to just play on it exclusively.

When we got home it was time for the grandparents to visit and Chipmunk watched the long awaited for MotoGp race!

After two stories Chipmunk settled easily tonight and I went downstairs and tried to catch up on Corrie with Sharky.We got a few episodes watched,hopefully we will soon be back on track with it!

It's been a good day,not too bad weather and lots of family time,a nice time.

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Silent Sunday


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Well we are on the last week of the school holidays,and people seem to be delighting in telling me "Not long now"

And I do agree in some ways that time is ticking on and I'am aware that certain things need to be done like getting the last bits of the uniform ready and preparing a routine so that things *may* run smoother in that early morning melee that is the school run and completing that summer holiday scrapbook!

But we have still got a week off and I don't want to spoil that by panicking about what's to come or constantly thinking "Oh no it's coming to a end"
I would rather make the most of what we have got left, after all in October I will think a week off is great as we approach half term and on a Friday I will think two days off is great as we approach the weekend and at 12o'clock each working day I will appreciate the few hours off until the next day.

Time is what you make it and I for one am going to take it and make the most of it.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Today we went to watch the Smurfs at the cinema.

I had not heard much about this film but could vaguely remember the Smurfs from my younger days.

We absolutely loved the film,it really made Chipmunk laugh and I got right into it,cheering at the loveable Smurfs and booing at the evil Gargamel and his dastardly cat Azrael!

I would recommend this film for anyone with children under 10,it certainly made us laugh.

Oh and if you do watch it,beware, as you soon start talking like a Smurf and things become 'smurftastic' or you say 'I Smurf you' ( meaning I love you ) or as Chipmunk keeps saying 'Smurfxactly' Believe me it's addictive!

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Friday, August 26, 2011


Playing along with Shae at Yay for home  Here I go again trying to link! I guess thats one thing I know *I dont give up!* I will link even if it kills me trying...grrr
Anyway back to the job in hand, things I know;  

That I really do not like sleepovers.I know lots of people probably have lovely experiences with sleepovers but my child always comes back worse for wear and has to spend the rest of the day recuperating and I like my children in their own beds at night unless its at someones house  I really trust like a grandparent.

That it is virtually impossible to keep anything private when one of your children is a compulsive talker and proceeds to tell everyone they meet all of our business.I guess it causes the other people some hilarity but just sometimes I feel that I should just go and stand on the tallest building I can find and announce all my business on a daily basis.

That I'm still enjoying the school holidays and I'm grateful for this opportunity to be at home with the boys.Its been great.

And finally I know that I have one week left before the boys go back to school and I intend to make the most of it for sure!

Footnote - If you only knew how long this post has taken me you would either fall on the ground laughing or shake your head in exasparation!

Library Loot~26/08/11

Today's library loot

Can't wait to start reading!

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Rainy Morning

It's raining this morning and has been raining throughout the night.
My dad said it rained so much on Wednesday night that when he went to work the ducks were on the grass because the river was overflowing and going so fast!

And Sharky has been in a tent all night on someone's back garden.Im expecting him back soon ~ wonder if he will be wet?

Tiger was here last night without any of the other boys being around,not often that happens!

Perhaps this rain will clear up,it looks like it may,if not we will have to think of some inside things to do,at least we have got some nice things to have for breakfast,that is if anyone gets up at breakfast time,usually it runs into early lunch time ~ is that brunch?!Are we a family that 'brunches?'Maybe we are!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alton Towers

I'm catching up on our summer holiday fun while Sharkys at his sleepover so now it's all about Alton Towers.

We got our trip to Alton Towers paid for by Tesco club card!It was a great way to make what would have been a expensive trip a really cheap day out!

The boys all love Alton Towers and were really looking forward to spending the day there.

The weather was really grim and I honestly began to wonder if we were mad as we stood queuing up in the pouring rain,thankfully that stopped and the weather although grey was not a problem all day.

The first thing Chipmunk went on was The Squirrel Nutty Ride ~ he could remember this from last time

The ride is high up in the trees

You sit in a car and take a slow ride around a woodland track

It was after this ride that Chipmunk progressed to the 'big boy rides!'

First was a spinning teacup pirate ride.We all went in together and that car span and span.It was such good fun,nothing like spinning round at speed with your nearest and dearest,I will remember the looks on everybody's faces for a very long time!Pure magic!

That was in the pirate land.

We then went on the log flume.Somehow I had forgot how wet you get on the water rides and when we got off I was soaked,it took ages for my jeans to dry.
Chipmunk loved it though!And again it was such a good feeling to all be able to go on a family ride together.

We then went on the Runaway Mine Train

This ride is a bit of a roller coaster and very fast,again Chipmunk loved it and we ended up going on it 4 times during the day. A definite fave!

We then walked through The Spooky Forest and saw Chipmunks worst nightmare ~ The Gears Of War Man

Chipmunk christened this character that name years ago and since then it's stuck and yes years later he is still spooked by him!We didn't stay there long!

What I like about Alton Towers is the contrast of things,from this

and this (noise and screams)

to this

and this (peace and tranquility)

What I don't like is how tired Alton Towers makes you feel!I was absolutely whacked out by the end of the day and when I put Chipmunk to bed I just slunk and slithered into bed myself feeling as rough as could be!

It was such a *fun* day out though.I heard Tiger and Sharky laughing loads and loads and it's great to go out as a family and hear laughter,especially from the teens!
A definite winner of a day!

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Our Cornish Walk To The Beach

While we was in Cornwall we went to the beach everyday.It was just a walk away from our campsite but what a walk it was!Not necessarily a long walk but such a steep one!

I wanted to capture the steepness of it so on the last day I photographed every step of the walk.It's took me until now to blog it but here goes :-)
This is Home On A Hill

From there we crossed a road and went up a little hill

And along a path

This is the view to the right

Then we would cross the road and walk until we reached the zebra crossing

Once there you entered the Haven Complex

There was bikes to one side

And then there was the amusements and little shop

Then we would walk on until you saw this view

Yep,the beautiful beach and sea
We were right on the top of these cliffs and had to walk down,down,down to that beach

We would walk down here

Passing this view on the way

Then you reach the steps

And they are tricky little steps

Once down these you see this slope

And down you go

This is the view looking back up that slope

And there's more slopes to contend with

When you get near the bottom this is the view

Getting closer to the beach

The view looking back

So close to the beach now

The beach shop that sells extortionate priced beach goods and expensive pasties ( but they tasted yum,all warm and mixed with sand,mmm )

The last slope and the rocks where Chipmunk used to take his shoes off

And then this

Beaches like this are why I love Cornwall

Well worth the walk :-)

And such a normal sight on a Cornwall beach

And this too

And that is our walk to the beach.

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Thursday Morn

Well I hear the pitter patter of Chipmunks feet this must mean the day is about to begin!

It rained in the night so I guess I'm going to see wet soggy grass and dampness all around.

The Internet shopping will be arriving between 9-11 so I need to be dressed for that.

And as I write a little curly haired face peeps round the bedroom door and grins

"It's past my breakfast time" he says "Yeah" he nods "The finger
is past the 8"

That's my cue I'd better get up!

Little bits I notice that make me smile today are
Chipmunks feet ~ one sock on one sock off

A bike helmet hanging on the door,ready for action

Today Sharky is going on a sleepover!In a tent!If it rains like it did last night he will get washed away!I suppose for a 15year old that would be a adventure in itself!

Chipmunk and I will be sorting the Internet shop out and then later we are going to see the OT.
It's a busy day ahead.

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