Monday, January 30, 2012

Poorly Sick
Ive got a poorly sick boy here.
 Last Wednesday I noticed Chipmunk was a bit under the weather but when he came home from school it became apparent that he really was quite poorly.
One of my friends said there was a 24 hour bug going around and so I thought 24hrs,we can do 24hrs.
But this isn't 24hrs.
We are now 6 days in and although I can see signs of improvement he is still not well enough to go to school
and the nights are terrible!
I have never heard a little one cough so much as Chipmunk has.
Not nice to hear.
As a mum,listening to your child suffer is horrible.
 And we are tired because of unbroken sleep.
Today after listening to my mum I have bought some cough medicine and that's a trauma in itself 
Chipmunk absolutely hates it!
Is it worth trauming him?
I'm giving it a go for a couple of days and we will have to see if it works.
I hope something does!

I think its one of the worst feelings when one of your kids are ill

So I'm hoping Chipmunk  will soon make a recovery and I can have my happy,smiley boy back to normal.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wot So Funee?

Wot so Funee

Had to join in with the last Wot So Funee

I have loved joining in with Actually Mummy with this meme

And here is my entry for the last ever one.

This happened this week.

Chipmunk was sat playing with his Ipad sending me messages,

I sent him a little love heart picture and he replied with the following text.

I didn't open the text for a few minutes so can you guess my surprise when I did open it to find that statement!

To say I was shocked and surprised is a understatement!

After I got over the shock I laughed and laughed and every time I kook at that text I still laugh!

Its something the whole family wants now...a fack you text from Chipmunk

And obviously Chipmunk is saying thank you!

Or at least I think he is.....

Go and peep at the last ever Wot So Funee entries,they will make you smile!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Splashy Smiles

This weeks Splashy Smiles are as follows:

The little smile Chipmunk gave me when I said to him 

''Night my little swimmer''

It was worth its weight in gold!


Finding the last Yuck book at the library.

We are truly zooming through this series


Chipmunk calling  overlaid ''overloaded''
It made me chuckle,

Watching Chipmunk play Fruit Ninja with Tigers girlfriend
So nice that they get on so well together

Chipmunk wearing 2 caps at breakfast time!
One on top of the other!
Both of his brothers expensive best caps of course!
He did look cute though and my mums face was a picture when he took one cap off only too reveal another one underneath!


The biggest smile that spread across Chipmunks face when he described a plate smashing during lunch time.

I bet most of us can remember that moment when a plate smashes in the dining room.

Well this was Chipmunks first time of seeing and hearing  it and he didn't half grin when he told me about it.


The walk to school on a frosty day.

It was magical to hear Chipmunk shouting out ''Woah look at that''
all the way there.


Tiger's keep fit routine,
Hes a jogger now.
Nearly every night he has been jogging,my boy,the runner!


The culmination of the Steve,Becky and Tracey storyline on Corrie.
Sharky and I have watched all week and were cheering Becky on!
We still love watching Corrie together and I treasure that.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Somewhere,deep,deep under these bedcovers

Is a Chipmunk sweetly sleeping.

Sweet dreams little one

Friday, January 20, 2012


Dear Sharky,

It has become apparent to me and everyone around that you are getting sooo tall.

You are nearly 6 foot tall now,in fact I bet you are 6ft!

Every Sunday your grandparents visit and they look at you in amazement as you stroll down the stairs.

I can see it in their eyes

That look of amazement at just how tall you are getting and you are only 15 years old!

Your tallness does make me smirk a bit because I predicted that you would be my tallest boy as soon as you were born.

You were my biggest baby - weighing in at 9lb 10oz.

Tiger was 7lb 4oz and Chipmunk was 7lb 15oz

And then there was you,smack in the middle and weighing in at that weight!

It became my theory that you would end up as the tallest of the boys
And now you are well on the way to prove my theory right!

Don't get me wrong,Tiger is tall too.
He must be 6 ft or there around

But Sharky you are only 15 and you may grow even more!

You can reach all the high things and at Christmas when I was stood on a chair,balancing on my tiptoes trying to put the fairy on the top of the tree,you just walked up and placed it beautifully right on the very top and you didn't even have to stretch!

Not even a little  stretch.

Whereas I was balancing on chairs and tippy toes and still not reaching!

Of course I pretend you are not that much taller than me
But as I'm only 5ft nothing I guess that's a illusion on my part!

So lets watch this space and see how tall you end up.

Its really making me smile

Monday, January 16, 2012

Splashy Smiles

This weeks Splashy Smiles are; 

*  Chipmunk at bedtime saying "I feel sleepish" A nice way to describe sleepy! 


*  Seeing so much off my mum and dad.Now my dad has retired we see much more of him and my mum and I love it.
I think the boys do too. 


*  Winter skies ~ we have had some great clear winter skies lately and it's still so dark in a morning the moon shines brightly even at 7.30am.For some reason that makes me smile.
I like the idea that the moon is still around and yet it's morning time!


*  Swimming made me smile this week,i feel that Chipmunk is getting nearer to actually swimming! 
Watch this space!


*  I seem to be getting slightly more organised after the heticness of December,note I only said slightly! This does make me smile because it is soooo needed!


*  This conversation I had with a very good friend made me chuckle never mind smile. 
I was saying how I didn't know if Chipmunk could carry on at children's church as it clashed with something else,but after seeing how happy he was there I decided that he should keep going.

So I said "It would be very wrong to deny him all this" 

And my friend replied with a mouth full of yummy,scrummy cake 

"Yes and it would be very wrong to deny you all this" 

Meaning the cake,which I was also tucking into. 

We both raised our eyebrows,nodded and carried on eating the cake.

It would indeed be very wrong to miss out on delicious cake!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Get The Picture
  Peso,Kwazii and Captain Barnacles
 have been coloured in expertly by Chipmunk

Linking up to our friend Chatty Baby


Today we went swimming and it was the closest I have come to see you really start to swim Chipmunk! 

The pool was crowded,it was Saturday and a lot of families where having great fun together.

I had said to you that I was going to pretend to be your swimming teacher and that you was going to try to swim like you do with Jenny on Thursdays and you did seem to take this too heart and do whatever I wanted you to do.

We started in the big leisure pool and you did great swimming on your back and then we swapped to your front and you seemed to prefer this,I guess you could see where you were going for a start and in a crowded pool that's a important thing! 

After a while we stopped the swim practise and played sharks and then the waves came on and you had a good time. It amazes me that when you are at the seaside you run and jump in the waves,go under the sea and get back up for more constantly but the waves at the swimming baths seem to floor you and you back away. I wondered if it was because the water gets on your face and that's what you don't like,so that's why I suggested that you stood up and it seemed to do the trick,next time we will try that first. 

After the waves had finished we went into the teaching pool and this is where you did your best swimming. We played chasing a ball,you threw it and them we both swam after it,the first one to get the ball could throw it again. 

And as they are always telling us at work boys love competition and you proved that theory right today! You swam as fast as you could to get that ball and I made it competitive and didn't let you win all the time,so it became a really good game and without me then encouraging you to swim,you was swimming,up and down the pool you swam until your little face was as red as your Liverpool shirt!

And that's got to be good!

And the best bit was it was all done through play. We all know children learn through play and why should swimming be any different? 
You swam more during that game of ball than I had ever seen you do before,nobody telling you to do it,instead you were instinctively doing it! 

So have I got a swimmer? Nearly I think!

And as you lie there fast asleep I'm sat here smiling,thinking of the possibilities this would bring for you,good possibilities Chipmunk! 

Fun,safety in water,a way to build up your upper body strength,good self esteem when you eventually have to swim with the school,a brill form of exercise,really good stuff!

So sleep tight little one,dream sweet dreams,I know I will be smiling as I drift off to sleep tonight - not quite a fish but getting there!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Children's Church

Chipmunk so loves children's church.
He spends time there playing active games,doing crafts,listening to bible stories,
Oh and eating cake,lots and lots of yummy scrummy cake,
Sometimes even I get some cake,and its always delicious!
Sometimes I even get to bring a big piece of spare cake home - nom

Its a shame its only once every 3 weeks,
But the leaders put so much effort into it I guess they couldn't do it on a more regular basis
And actually thinking about it,on the other weeks they do different age groups,so they definitely couldn't do it!

It is a special place for Chipmunk though and hes so happy there.
Its fun just sat watching him,
And afterwards I'm always pleased hes been.
A hour and a half of fun and interaction with children his age
Now that is priceless

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Library Loot

                                     Yesterdays Library Loot                         

We are getting quite a Jeremy Strong collection and beware all members of the family,we have a couple of joke books in this collection and you know what that means,don't you....

Yes,you will be listening to 101 jokes this weekend!Hee!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School Days
Well its been nearly a week since the boys started back school.
And all is well.
Tiger and Sharky have both sat important exams - fingers crossed for them.
Chipmunk has been learning about dinosaurs and is talking about herbivores and the big dinosaur bone that they have found in their classroom.
The expressions he pulls when he is talking about dinosaurs are soo funny,they really make me laugh.
He screws his eyes up and then opens them so wide when he talks about ''meat eaters!!!''
Chipmunk is also trying to learn his times tables.
He is taking his homework diary to bed so that he can recite the tables.
Because the teacher says he must!
Ahh what power these teachers have!
It  will be Chipmunks second week at hockey tomorrow,
I'm hoping that goes well without any injuries.
We have spellings to learn,one piece of literacy and numeracy work to do and of course reading.
So all in all its a good start to the Spring Term 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cute Hands



Monday, January 9, 2012

Splashy Smiles

I'm starting a new thing on my blog called Splashy Smiles, read more about it here and this is what I've been loving this week...

Sun After Rain 
We have had some lousy weather this week.
Fierce winds that have felt icy cold to walk in and have kept many people up awake at night as they have blown and howled around the house. 

Our first school run of the year was in such bad conditions,as we got half way to school the rain started to pitter patter down,I was trying to hold onto the hood of my coat as the wind was trying to rip the hood out of my hand ( I finally gave up and walked on just getting wet!) I was trying to hold Chipmunks hand,my hood,his lunchbox and keep up a positive conversation with him because after all it was first day back at school. 

We ended up blown about and wet! 

What a start to the day,what a start to the year! 

But then later that day the sun came out and it was so different,just that bit of brightness after the rainy start seemed lovely and made me smile.

Sunshine after rain,it works for me


Tigers Relationship With His Mamma 
 This has made me smile for a long time.
Tiger seems to be able to twist his mamma round his little finger and it makes me smirk!

I like to see him close to people,it warms me to know he has people in his life he can talk to other than me,the way I see it is the more the merrier! 

This week he's made me smile about the cob 
For a while now my mum has been popping up to see us on a Thursday afternoon and she very kindly brings me a cob to eat ( I love this,it's yummy and the thought is probably worth more than the actual act of cob bringing and munching) 

It so happens that Tiger has no lessons at school on a Thursday afternoon so he's at home when my mum arrives with the big juicy cob and he has got into the habit of wanting one too. 

This Thursday I had made him a lunchbox up but he still wanted that yummy ultra delicious cob
I said ''No,you have got food.''

Well he was straight onto the phone and soon they were discussing whether he wanted a big cob,salad on it,mayo,you name it they were discussing it!
And so in the end he did get his cob. As I mentioned before... Finger...wrapped around....


Although I was not exactly looking forward to going to back to work again,it was lovely to see my work mates again.
Most of them I have known for a long time and it was nice to hear about their Christmas'


Party Smiles
The day before school started Chipmunk had a play centre party 4.30 - 6.30pm

Not what I really wanted the night before school but hey ho off we went.

And I did enjoy seeing some of the girls really looking after Chipmunk,they took him under their wings and it was a nice thing to see.

And last thing that has made me smile this week has been

Chipmunks Jokes For Christmas
Chipmunk had some horrid Henry joke books.
He has been reading them to us and even if you don't feel Like laughing you end up smirking or just really laughing along with him!
Yay to jokes

I will be now on the lookout for more little things that make me smile throughout the coming week ~ sometimes the small things mean the most

Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Get The Picture

''One day Budge,the family hamster,went for a little walk.
Unfortunately it was raining!''

Drawn by Chipmunk and linking up at Chatty Baby for You Get The Picture

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Six Word Saturday

My six words for this week are

Christmas all finished - Back to school

We had a lovely Christmas and I'm sad to see it go

And I'm even sadder to see the boys back at school

I like it when they are at home

Safe where I can see them

On a positive note....

Its only 5 more weeks until half term


Linking up with Cate at Show My Face

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wot So Funee?

Not sure how this will translate into the written word but it so made me chuckle I'm going to try and write it down.

Picture the scene,2 days before Christmas on a wet and windy day,the rain was pelting down and even a duck would have been unhappy as it was unbelievably wet,grey and miserable.

We were at a retail park,trying to get a few last minute Christmas presents and it was not going well,there were no spaces in the car park and everybody just wanted to get out of the rain and to be done with the shopping.

Chipmunk kept asking to see the animals and I presumed he meant at Pets At Home. 

He had been a good boy so I said he could have a quick peep at them.

Unfortunately I soon realised that it was the wrong retail park and there were no Pets At Home there. 

Chipmunk was disappointed but accepted it quite well. 

He kept muttering about seeing a sign about animals and as we drove out of the retail park he yelped 


''I told you there were animals!" 

I looked at the big list of shops and saw one which read 'PEACOCKS' and I just burst out laughing! 

Even now it makes me grin! 

The thought of Chipmunk expecting to see Peacocks strutting around creased me up!

Poor old Chipmunk just looked like he could crawl under the seat as he began to realise he had made a error and that his mum wasn't likely to forget it in a hurry!
Peacocks indeed! 

Linking this up with Actually Mummy

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Library Days

Christmas Books To Take Back
New Library To Explore
Comfy Rocking Chairs    
Wow!Loads Of Computers

A Great Place To Read

Tons Of Books
New Library Loot
We Love Our New Library

I have really loved this Christmas! 

It's been very laid back and very family orientated

Lots of time spent snuggled up and lots of time spent relaxing the rules!

Much more screen time than normal has been had. 

Fizzy pop has been out every day

And so has the chocolate!

Bedtimes have been later 

And the pyjamas have stayed on all morning,most mornings.

It's been good though and I think we are all nicely relaxed.

Until routine starts again! 

Soon school and work start and we all know what that means.

Lunchboxes,uniforms,PE kits,gloves,hats & scarfs sorted,swimming lessons,exams,school meetings

 Back to earth and the real world with a bang. 

And I don't want it to happen.

I want to stay snuggled up,safe and warm.

I like having the boys were I can see them,especially Chipmunk. 

I don't want all the rushing to begin.

I don't want Chipmunk to get pushed around at school like last term.

Try as I might though, it will begin.

You can't hold back time and in another week or so I know we will be back in the old routine and it will be as if we had never been away. 

But until then we have got two days off and I'm going to make the most of them.

It's not quite over,not yet anyway!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody! 

Here's hoping it will be a good one for all of us.

This time last year I didn't have a blog,I'm so glad I do now though,
I've really enjoyed blogging this year. 

I wanted to write New Years Letters to the boys this year so here goes 


Dear Tiger,

Leader of the rugrats!

You have only 6-7months left at school. 

No matter what happens now you will leave school this summer. 

And still you do not really know what to do with yourself.

I'm hoping that you will find out sooner rather than later! 

I tend to think that perhaps you would be best getting any sort of job just so you can see what it's like in the real working world.

I then think you will know whether you want to go for more education or for money and to work your way up through other channels. 

Until you have tried I don't think you will know either way Tiger

I hope you and your girlfriend carry on enjoying each others company,in May this year you will have been going out together for two years! 
That's a long time! 

I wish you both well,you are a lovely young couple and seem to be very happy together. 
I would like you to have fun this year Tiger,it's your last year as a teenager! 

Can you believe that!

Because I can't! 

Never mind you growing from a baby to a child to a teenager,now I find you are soon not even going to be a teenager. 

What will you be called then!?!

A twentier? 

That is hard to take in at the moment!

So I want you to make the most of your last teenage year! 

Have fun but keep safe. 

It creases me up that you have now got a 'local' 

How did that happen?!? 

My son with his own local ~ shocking I say with a slight smirk on my face!

Here's wishing you a fab 2012 Tiger,may it bring all you deserve and more 

Love from Mum 

Dear Sharky, 

Oh my goodness you are growing up soo fast! 

You are 15 now and leave school this summer.

You want to stay on into 6th form,I want you to go to college.

I think there are more opportunities at college for you. 

I think you should look at a computer course,you are really good with design and you like to work with computers

I really think you would do well.

We will have to sort it soon,one of the first jobs of the new year I guess. 

This will be the final push for you with your GSCE,please try hard and please revise well as you have the capacity to do really well and I want you reach your potential I really do. 

You are shooting up in height,I always said you would be the tallest of all the boys and I think I may be right!

You have a good group of friends now and I love that.I hope you all stick together and have a good time this coming year! 

This year is also your prom year.I can't wait to see you in a prom suit,you will look so handsome of course 

Wishing you all the best for 2012 Sharky,keep making us smile,it's a job you do so well! 

Love from mum

Ahh and now......

Dear Chipmunk, 

Where do I start with you,little boy :-) 

What do I wish you?

Friends,health,strength,so many,many things Chipmunk.

Oh my goodness Chipmunk just what do I wish for you....

For you to run down to that school yard and be as strong as your friends

For you to be able to keep up with everyone and to run and jump just as fast as your classmates do

For you to be able to take those stabiliser's off your bike and ride round the comp just like any other 7 year old

For you to take your armbands off and throw them in a bin along with the stabilisers 

And for you then to swim without the armbands All by yourself

I don't need a champion swimmer,I just want you to swim

Just like your classmates

I would love you to make a real friend

Someone who would stick by you and make you feel wanted

That would be so cool

I want for us to carry on enjoying time spent playing outside in forests,parks and at the duckpond
I want to carry on playing catch with you and when the weathers better to get the hoola hoop out again

I want to carry on finding you good books to read and to see your reading progress as I'm sure it will

I want for you to enjoy the new MotoGp season

And British Superbikes

And any other sport that takes your fancy!

I want you to have a brilliant birthday and party and cake

I want you to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air,playing

I want the transition to junior school begin to ease for you,I really,really want this

I want for you to know that you are great,please always know that Chipmunk

Because you are,without any doubt

Love from your very best friend,always and forever