Thursday, October 6, 2011

Linking up this week with Shae at Yay For Home

This week for things I know I thought I would concentrate on things I know about children who have just learnt to read like my youngest son has!
It's a special time and here are some things I know about having a new reader :-)

They read anything! Leaflets,books,items of shopping,adverts(especially adverts) just absolutely anything that has words.

They read all the time! in bed,when they should be getting ready for school,on walks,in the car,late at night,early in the morning,basically they read whenever and wherever!

They read things that can be embarrassing for their mums!
A certain young boy here yelled out on the bus recently,"That says poo!"
"No it doesn't!" I said
"It does" he indignantly replied"It says check your poo!"
On closer examination it did indeed say that!
Oops mummy,you were wrong!

They carry books with them everywhere! Upstairs,in the toilet,to the shops,anywhere they visit.

Hearing their voices read is the sweetest thing!I can be so busy but if I hear my son reading,I tend to stop and listen in,I turn the radio off too,how can a radio compare with the cute voice of my littlest boy reading?It cant!

I know its great fun finding books to keep him busy!

It's a pleasure to teach a child to read and what a achievement for them and us when it all comes together and hey presto they are reading!

To have grown a book worm always makes me smile and extremely proud and I definitely know that!


  1. Oh learning to read is very exciting! My 6yo is on the verge :)

  2. Lovely post! Hope he will continue this love for reading throughout his entire life :) Good job Jess..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  3. That's so sweet! My kids are both readers too. It makes me so proud.

    Good for you :)

  4. I am a massive reader and I can't wait till my Little Man gets interested in reading.

  5. yes learning to read is a wonderful time. So lovely to hear they yearn for it so much

  6. Just wait until they are standing behind you reading your emails and posts. Very cute though :)

  7. It's magical isn't it! Magical and a tad insane... I had to explain to my girls why you shouldn't 'buy a lemon' (car ad that says don't buy a lemon) and what 'sexting' was in the first six months after they learnt to read!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments :-) It is magical isn't it to know how to read!
    It's taken quite a long time for my youngest to master this skill but now he's flying!Oh the fun we will have!

    I'll watch out for him reading my emails :-) and the thought of explaining sexting to him makes me shudder!

    How exciting for your 6yr old to be a nearly reader Shae :-) that's like us just a short while ago