Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear So and So...

Dear So And So

Dear Felt Tips,
Arghhh just what do you think you are doing!!!!
Out of the goodness of my heart I let you go to school with my youngest son and how do you repay me!?!
 You write on brand new school shirts!
I'am soooooooooooooo cross with you!
You are now BANNED from school until you learn to write on paper.
To the cupboard you go and DON'T come out !
from a very angry mummy!


Dear School Water Bottle,
I do not want to seem unkind but I'm beginning to wonder what your point is!
Every day I fill you with fresh water and put you in a plastic bag in my sons school bag.
Every day you come back untouched.
So then I wash you again,rinse you out, dry you, freeze the middle bit of you that keeps you cool.
Then next morning it all begins again!
Is this not madness?
Please let me know...what is the point of you?
From a puzzled mum


Dear Boys Who Play Rugby,
Why do you have to be so rough?
I would like my middle son to stay in one piece thank you!
Preferably with all his body parts intact!
And as for the state of his rugby shirt!The collar is ripped off!
And I'm supposed to mend that am I ?
From a worried Mum

Dear Mind,
You can do this.
Only 5 school days till half term!
Keep pushing on,it will all be ok!
From a optimistic owner


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