Friday, April 27, 2012

My Little Helper

Chipmunk is becoming my little helper around the home especially when it comes to drying the dishes.

He would rather dry dishes than play!

Tonight he told me that he liked to dry dishes so that I could rest later at night rather than have to tidy all the kitchen up.

And at bedtime as he was climbing into bed I said 

''Thanks for helping me with those dishes'' and he replied

''Thats what Im here for, too help''

As you can imagine,I was well pleased with this and I do appreciate having such a thoughtful little boy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back to routine

So the school holidays have flown by in a flash and it's back to routine.

I didn't want this to happen really,I wanted to stay at home with the boys,having time to do whatever we wanted when we wanted.

But that's not life is it,so back to our places we all went.

For Chipmunk the week has been full.
He has had school,swimming lessons,karate lessons & a concert at the church where he goes to for church youth club.A very busy time!

At school he has enjoyed painting this week and I have loved seeing him come home all painty,he had grey paint all up his arms on Wednesday when he painted a lovely elephant.This made me smile.

He has got really muddy this week and came home today in a school sweatshirt as his trousers were absolutely plastered in mud.Apparently he fell in a puddle,it must have been some puddle coz boy was those trousers muddy.

He got pushed in a puddle yesterday and came home sock less!

Fun times!

Most days he has still manage to scooter home despite the bad weather and his balance is brill,he is doing better than I ever thought he would on his scooter,I'm so pleased I chose it for him,it is a truly used toy.Oh & the scooters grubby too ~ muddy like its owner!

The school run this week has been soggy wet!We have had to wrap up and every morning Chipmunk has arrived at school pretty wet and we only have a 5minute to school.
We've still had fun walking tho,I love walking Chipmunk to school.

So all in all a good start back to the Summer Term.