Monday, October 17, 2011

Mum Of One

 Baby I Promise

Wow!Look a button! Someones been clever and its Mum Of One  
Go and join in with her meme Baby I Promise,where you make a promise to do something nice or worthwhile with your little ones.

This week I'm saying:

I promise to keep everything running smoothly at school and home until you break up on Thursday....then I'm going to flop!

Mum Of One I absolutely love the button,well done you,I'm really impressed!

Pop over to Mum Of Ones Blog  and read all the other promises.


  1. Thank you! It nearly killed me...and the laptop! NEVER again! Thanks for linking up and hope you make it through to Thursday ok :) x

  2. gosh. Amen to that! Great promise, i know exactly how you feel x