Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wot So Funee


Trying to link up with Actually Mummy  to do Wot So Funee I tried last week but couldn't link up,so Im hoping for better luck this time.

Earlier this week while I was walking to school with my youngest son I saw a house that I liked for sale.
"I would like to buy that house" I said to him as we walked by and we carried on,on our way home.
A couple of days later as we were going to school my son yelled out 
"Sorry Mummy,you can't have that house!"
"Why?" I asked. "Because its too late" he replied.
As I walked by I looked at the sign which said To Let I had to smile to myself. 
"See he said "I told you!It's To Late!"
It made me smile and still does when I pass the house each day.



  1. Awwww - bless him. That's so sweet.

  2. Hello from Barcelona!
    just discoverd you today!

    I invite you to have a look and join our TWIN INVASION

    hope to keep in touch

  3. That's so cute. Can't wait until my boy can read and interpret the world for me as he sees it!

  4. Thanks so much for the comments everybody,they made me feel appreciated!

    Bluebirdsunshine ~ it is indeed a great thing when your little one starts to read and extremely amusing too!

    Nuria ~ hello :-) I will definitely pop over to look at your blog

    1978Rebecca ~ yep our kids say cute stuff don't they!

    It still makes me smile when I pass a " To Let " sign.

    Next time you see a To Let sign,smile and think of me :-)

  5. So sweet :) I love the misinterpretations. I was playing a game with my daughter. When we finished I said excitedly " Addy, you won!" She looked at me so puzzled and replied "No I not. I three"
    Following you blog now xx