Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Party

On a cold dark night,we got togged up warmly and went to a pumpkin carving party.

And I'm so glad we were invited and I'm so glad we made the effort to go.

There was a real mix of ages there,some people were sat in the warmth drinking tea and eating cakes and the die hards were out on the yard under makeshift floodlights carving their pumpkins in the cold.
We were in the die hard group!

Chipmunk made a brilliant job of carving his pumpkin

Chipmunks pumpkin is in the middle

And then he had the best time playing footy tag ( I do not know what that is,but judging by the excited cries it was a great game!)

I sat doing a bit of people watching and chatting to people.I had a cup of tea that made my hands toasty and tasted even better in the cold night air.

It got right past Chipmunks bedtime and still he was playing outside and for once I let him stay longer,it was nice just to see him joining in and to hear the children calling each others names.
The grown ups were happy too and the pumpkins were ace!There were flower pumpkins,a dancer carved in one and one with a cat in front of a moon.

It's safe to say a good time was had by all.

Trick and treat night tomorrow,such excitement for the children at this time of year!Fun times!
Half term thoughts to the boys
Well we have had our first half term now and we are onto the second part of the Autumn Term.
I bet this half term will be so busy as its the lead up to Christmas and that always hits schools like a bomb,no matter how hard we try to prepare for it,it always seems like we are running round like headless chicks as Christmas approaches.
So here are my thoughts to you boys....

Well I'm hoping that you get really settled in your class this half term.
You know your teacher,you know her rules and her ways,you know how she wants you to behave,let's hope you can do this!

I'm wondering if there will be a Christmas ConcertI hope so!There is something magical about a Christmas Concert and I do like to see them.Not many more for me to see actually as you only have 3 years left at juniors,so Iam going to make the most of the ones I have the privilege to see.

There will be carol concerts and all kind of Christmassy activities and I can imagine a great deal of excitement,which will lead to absolute overload and we all know what happens then! 

You need a new warm snuggy coat.Last years was a disaster,only lasting 2 months before the zip broke!I need the new coat we choose to last longer,much longer!
It will be time to tog up with hats & gloves,really cheap ones coz I know there's a massive chance they may get lost & I do not want you going down to school unprepared,that would worry me to pieces,I don't like to think of any of my boys being cold. 

I'm hoping we don't get any projects this half term and if we do please let's do it 'as soon as' I know this is not our usual style but I really don't want yet another pressure looming over us when all will be hectic anyway.

I'm really looking forward to walking you down to school,we always have real good chats on our way to school,on the way back home you always scooter so conversation is pretty sparse,this makes our morning chatter even more precious.

I hope you continue to try hard in swimming lessons and karate too and I know we will love going to children's church,I think it's both our highlight of the month.

Love Mummy x 

Already you have done your first half term in 6th form and it seems to be going well.I often see you with homework out and you seem really conscientious about it.Your grades are good for someone starting A -levels and I'm really pleased with you and the effort you show towards your studies.

You still are doing the papers and your attitude towards that is outstanding I feel.Throughout many provocations you keep on going and you show such a mature attitude for a 16 year old boy.I hope certain people stop taking you for granted and realise what a good worker they have and treat you accordingly.

Keep up all the good work Sharky

Love Mum x
Hmm,you have no half term,you have left school now!

It's not been easy for you lately,you have tried out for some apprenticeships and got so close in one of them but not close enough eh and you still haven't got anything viable to do with yourself.

I know it's easy to say but you have got to keep plugging on,harder than ever because that's all you can do.

And I truly believe that what will be will be.The right opportunity will come along but you have got to help it too and keep on looking around for such a opportunity.

Meanwhile it's nice to have you round the house in the daytime,I often smile as I listen to you singing away in your room.

You have absolutely tamed the little boy hammies.They are the friendliest little creatures ever!Sterling and Souso,might have guessed they would be named after Liverpool players!They are adorable and so friendly and this is down to you handling them so much,you have done a great job!

I hope you find the right work for you Tiger,you have too much potential to waste it!

Love Mum x

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Six Word Saturday

"Mummy Can We Buy A Pumpkin?"

If you had any idea how many times I have heard these words you would know how much the very sound of them jingles in my head and my mind screams out please not again!

Simply put, Chipmunk wanted a pumpkin this week.

I don't blame him,I love pumpkins too.

He had seen one on Saturday while we were shopping but we couldn't carry it home at that point so I said 

"Of course you can have a pumpkin when we next come to the shops"

Well what with the weather we didn't make it too the shops for a couple of days and that boy was desperate for a pumpkin and he let me know about it!

Mummy can we get a pumpkin today please mummy please

Please mummy can we get a pumpkin,pleeeeease

All the pumpkins will be gone mummy...

And it went on and on and on like this day after day.

So I did the only sensible thing possible and bought him a pumpkin!

And hey presto the questioning stopped and it was replaced with big grins and a very proud little boy who keeps his pumpkin in his bedroom window and loves it!
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Little Book Worm

I have a bookworm,a real live bookworm living at this house and I absolutely love it because Iam a bookworm too and it is so fab to see one of my boys being a bookworm too.

My bookworm reads anywhere and everywhere

lying on the floor
sitting in the car

He reads in any sort of weather

sunny days

And days when he is wrapped up in his winter coat walking to school.Yep even when he walks he doesn't put his beloved books down!

He reads in the library

He reads to me when I'm pegging my washing out

And of course he adores reading in bed

He reads any type of book... picture books,factual books,fairy stories,funny books,joke books... if its got words,he reads it.
Because he reads so much he has won quite a few prizes at school and he always completes the library summer reading scheme.

The best thing is that he truly loves books.They make him laugh,they comfort him,they entertain him.Its a win/win situation,the more he reads the better at reading he becomes and because he loves it he wants to read.

So I love having a little bookworm in the house,long may it be the case
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Conkers Bonkers!

I LOVE conkers!They are so shiny and special and it's really fun to go and search for them and on Saturday Chipmunk and I went to our local conker tree to search for conkers!

The conker tree is in our local church and the conkers drop onto the pavement and then get blown onto the road.

Luckily it's a one way street and the traffic is not too hectic so it's ok to rustle around at the edge of the pavement searching for the treasures.

We kicked through the leaves until we found what we wanted... conkers!

We had a great time and came home with a pocketful of the brown beauties.

kicking leaves is fun
a sharp eye finds the conkers
spot the conker!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Letter to....

Dear Sharky,
It is all change for you this time as you enter 6th form.

No uniform!You can wear what you like!I feel this will be more problematic to be honest,school will become a fashion show!But on the good side,no more having to get your uniform ready and not flinching every time you wear a unsuitable hoody instead of your school jumper ( that's gotta be a plus! ) oh and you can wear trainers woohoo jumps up and down and dances a merry jig. Well won't that take away a fight!

So it seems the non uniform thing is bigger than I first thought,hmm!

The hours of 6th form are longer,this makes me a little bit sad Sharky.I know I have always said that 2.25pm is a ridiculous time to finish school but I had got used to it,I had to didn't I!And I liked that bit of the afternoon where I used to get the mugs out ready to make you a cuppa and welcome you back home before I set off on the school run for Chipmunk.
Now you will be back at 4.20,I suppose we will both get used to it.

I think the subjects you have chosen will suit you,you are going to have to work so hard if you want to succeed though.We know from experience of what your brother went through,A levels are hard,a real step up from GCSE,you have got some good marks though and with application I'm hoping you can make something of this next phase of your education.

It seems like you have some friends already in 6th form and I'm hoping this will make your time enjoyable,as I want you to have a good time in 6th form as well as getting results!

It seems to me that we are talking or I'm talking about independence here Sharky.Its time for you to show what you're capable of and try to think about what you want for the future.

I just want you to be happy to be honest,yes results are good,very good infact but you are still so young,just sixteen,my advice is 

give it a whirl,if it works great,if not we rethink

As always I love you to the moon and back,at least,go and show us and yourself what you can do and most of all be happy
Love Mum ( August 2012)

Well this never got posted!
And it was the only letter I wrote.
Reading back through it I can see how even in half a term things have changed,perhaps thats a case to write things down because how quickly things change.

School Hol Fun

These are the photo collages I made of our summer hol fun

We had a brill summer hols 2012
Sept/Oct 2012

Well this first half term has passed in a blur.I had so many little things I wanted to post at the end of the summer hols and then it all went pear shaped,life got hectic,I got so traumed at the start of school I could only put one foot In front of the other and just about cope with the day to day running of life,so nothing got posted.

Well until now!

Im going to go through things and post my summer hol collages that I made and anything else I can find in that draft folder.

This past seven weeks have seen Chipmunk start year four and have a new teacher ~ he seems to be doing ok and I haven't really met his teacher in great detail yet but things are ticking along,the class seem to have a good feel to it and I'm happy with that.

He has won a prize for being a rocket reader and we have completed one project already ( volcanoes,it took several days off my life to be honest but I was pleased with how hard Chipmunk worked on it)
We seem to be getting merits on a regular basis for homework handed in and we had a success at spellings one week with a 10 out of 12!

Sharky has started 6th form and seems to be getting his head down and coping with it.I often see him doing homework and he seems to be taking his studies seriously ~ thank goodness!
He is still doing his paper round and I'm very impressed with his attitude to work.

Tiger is continuing to look for apprenticeships.He came so close last month,down to the last two out of 28!I was very proud of him!Im hoping someone gives him a chance soon.

Chipmunks swimming is coming along,slow and steady.The new class is good for him,the children are all at a higher level than before and this encourages Chipmunk to push himself that bit more.If only he would stop that swim two kicks,stop,re adjust goggles,swim bit more,stop,hop and then lunge for the side routine of his we would get even better!

Karate is on and off,I'm still not convinced but we are still attempting it,we shall see...

Oh how could I forget the big happening of this half term... the arrival of the hammies!At the beginning of Sept we had two girl hamsters by mid September we had eleven hamsters!
We love the hammies see here  
and here

Life has been moving fast here,so I'm so glad for the half term break and a chance to re group and gather my thoughts,let the hols begin...

Hey little blog I'm back :-)

It's half term and I intend to zap down as much bloggy stuff as possible!

I'm going to be snapping away at photos,doing fun crafty stuff,reading our favourite books and of course going walks and scooter rides.

Not got much money but have got lots of ideas and lots of enthusiasm to make this week a happy one for us.

So watch this space!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Six Word Saturday

My six words this week were chosen last night as I struggled on trying to find the motivation to keep pushing on until the job was completed

'Without Music I Would Really Struggle'

Quite simply I just LOVE music!It is something which pulls me through many a tough spot especially when I'm tired and do not have the energy to go and do whatever task needs doing.

Last night I was doing assessments for work and they had taken hours and I truly think the music kept me sane!It was my 'comfort zone' music ~ 70's hits on Smooth Radio,I don't know if it's because it was the music that was around when I was growing up at home but there's something about that era that always settles me down and when I'm tired or stressed if I put the music on I'm much happier carrying on with stuff.It kinda feels like a security blanket, all cosy and warm!

I really love my radio and I have different stations for different moods ~
Smooth Radio for most of the day

Radio 2 for Simon Mayo Request on Friday nights ( its got a real weekend feel to it)

Smooth 70's for when I'm tired and need motivation! This can happen quite regularly!

Oh and Mellow Magic for when it's later at night and the boys are not
watching the television ( it comes through our tv set in the lounge)
The boys hate this fact with a passion!

'Why do you watch radio!?!" they will chorus.

But I love to curl up with my phone,chat to twitter friends and listen to soft mellow music at the end of a day.

The boys definitely do not understand my love for the radio!

I was only about 8 when I got bought my first radio and it's still in the loft (I think)
I can remember thinking it was the best thing ever and some of the DJ's are still going now,Tony Blackburn and Simon Bates to name a few.

I do like listening to music on my iPod and IPhone too and there I have a unfortunate habit of putting songs on repeat which also drives the older two boys mad.

I like lots of different kinds of music too,from all the old songs up to some of the music the teens listen too,my eldest son often finds me tracks that he knows I will like and he's usually right,this amuses me greatly!

My must play album this week is Mirage Rock by The Band Of Horses and certain songs have been on the dreaded repeat button!

Does anybody else feel the same about music?Do you have different music for different moods?And what music do you all like?Please share with me,I would genuinely be interested.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And it was a rainbow day!

Today was a rainbow day literally!This was one of the brightest rainbows I have seen for a while and for a short time there was even a double rainbow!And then as quick as it came it disappeared,the very nature of rainbows!Catch a glimpse while you can!

I had a very rare midweek day off today and the weather for once played fair and enabled Chipmunk and me to make the most of the day and go on a long Autumn walk around the duck pond.

We had a fab time,we really did.Just looking at all the sights and being together,sounds soppy I know but it's true.

The duck pond was beautiful on a morning like today,the sun shining on the water made it shimmer and it was pleasantly warm enough to have a leisurely stroll around.

We stopped at this bridge and fed the ducks and Chipmunk saw something he's good at spotting ~ a water rat!He spent ages watching it scurry in and out of the reeds,we had to be very quiet or it wouldn't venture out.

Half way around we went to the cafe and had a yummy flapjack and then carried on walking.

searching for rats
trying to entice a rat!
We loved these ducks and swans,although Chipmunk was slightly overpowered when they all surged forwards!
ducks galore
boats and looking for sticks

After a morning out we came home and had a restful afternoon together on the sofa until it was time for tea and karate.

Today was Chipmunks first time at karate without his friend but he was happy to go and scooted all the way down there

karate scooter kid
When we got back home it was nearly time for bed and we finished off the day by having a lovely bedtime story about a teacher who turned into a real life dragon whenever she ate crisps,a great story that made us both smile.

So it was truly a rainbow day for us!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sometimes when I go out I feel the presence of two little ghosts with me.

It happens when I go somewhere that I used to go to when my big boys were young.

Somewhere like the forest or the comp,it happened when I took Chipmunk to the juniors for his first school BBQ. (ghosts in the playground)
It's a definite feeling,I can almost see them running and jumping about.And until I have made that place my own,I sense them there.

I guess it's memories.Memories of the old days when Tiger and Sharky were small and we used to go out together.Two little boys produce a lot of energy,they run and jump and shout and laugh and quarrel,constantly!

The boys were full of spirit,they ran fast and jumped high.There were rope swings in woods and a bike ride every single day,yes every single day!They would climb trees and hang off branches,balance on walls,jump off everything and all done swiftly with lots of noise!

There were always balls taken with us too,footballs for Tiger and tennis balls for Sharky.Wherever we went you could guarantee a ball would be either bouncing along or being dribbled along the pavement.

And now it's usually just me and Chipmunk out adventuring,it's so very different,quieter for certain.The pace is a lot slower and calmer.Time is spent walking and not running. It's a gentler feel to things.We look at animals,plants and we notice the small stuff,stuff that in the mad rush of the older two we would have missed.

And I'm used to this now,this is our life,it's different but it's ok,swings and roundabouts,ebb and flo kinda stuff.

It's just sometimes when I go to a place where the older boys used to play I feel a tug and I remember and it jolts me almost,takes me back to a place where I used to dwell,a place I've almost forgot but not quite!I was a different mum then,I had boys who could do very physical things,I was never anxious about them falling I just used to take their bumps and scrapes in my stride,not now tho,now life is different and Iam different too.More cautious,not as free and easy.

Last Sunday I went to the Comp and there was lads playing organised football and that's when the friendly ghosts came.

As I walked I began to wonder if I would always feel this way when I saw certain things or went to certain places and then I saw a woman watching the footy,as I got closer I saw it was someone I used to know from when the older boys played in a football team.We stopped and had a chat about how the kids had grown and as I turned to go she said

"I don't know why I'm stood here,I've got nobody playing football,I just stopped to watch the football"

And it seemed to me that she too remembered when her son was younger and playing footy.

Perhaps we all have our ghosts...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hammie Progress!

Well our babies are doing well.We now have found out what the first litter consists of and it's totally equal 2 boys and 2 girls!They have been split up and yet another cage has been brought!

As it stands the baby boys are in the boys room,the baby girls are in the kitchen next to the daddy,Pip and the five newer babies are still with their mummy,Squeaker,they live in the lounge.

So four cages and eleven hamsters altogether!

Pip has had the worst deal,his cage is the smallest and he seems unhappy in it,he just doesn't play any more,which concerns us all and we try to fuss him as much as possible and cajole him to play.I took this photo today after he had been cleaned out and he actually looked lively and did climb up his ladder and then kinda skittered down it in a very clumsy way!We hope if he gets used to the ladder we can transfer his bed to the top floor and then he can have more room to play downstairs.This is the plan!

Pip ~ The Daddy

Here are the first lot of babies before they were split up.These guys are so cute and friendly it's untrue.They go in Tigers dressing gown pocket and love to be handled,we love them!I have even seen them come to us when Tiger whistles them!We are going to keep these ones for definite.

On Their Way To The Pet Shop

Here are the newest babies.These ones are exactly two weeks old.Their fur is growing now and their eyes are open.They are just about ready to leave their little home and are beginning to wander into their cage.They are still feeding from mum but some have been close to the food bowl.

Squeaker and the new babies
A two week old Hammie
As you can see they are all so very cute and perhaps you can understand why they enthral us all.When a baby hammie appears we stop what we are doing and watch!This can be problematic at school run time!

Chipmunk holding Pip

1 day old hammies
1 week old hammies

2 week old hammies

Our beautiful furry friends