Friday, September 30, 2011

Chipmunks Drawings

It's been ages since I posted one of Chipmunks drawings so here goes

It's Chipmunk,a flower,a sun and a cloud.

September 2011

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Dear So and So...

I love reading the posts at Kats Dear So And So meme so this week Ive joined in and here are my little notes ;-)

Dear Sunshine
Thank you so much for making an appearance just when everybody had given up any thought of warm weather this year! Everybody has dug their summer clothes out again,vest tops and floaty skirts are evident on the school run and the Ice cream man has a que a mile long when the kids come out of school (bet he's been pleasantly surprised by this sudden hot weather) Stay as long as you like sunshine and your friend blue sky,
Love from Flip,Flop Girl
Dear Lunch Box Note
Thank you for nestling in my sons lunchbox and then suprising him when he eats his lunch.You make him smile and remember that he has a family that loves him and a loving home.And in the middle of the day it is really important for him to remember that :-)
Love from his soppy mum
Dear Discarded Armband,
I know it must make you feel unloved and unwanted as you lie on the side of the swimming pool amongst the floats and wobbles and watch your matching armband still on it's owners arm playing happily in the water but you have done your job well and your owner is getting that little bit stronger and doesn't need your help quite as much.Please dont fret we will still take you to swim lessons each week and we don't forget how important and useful you have been to us,
Love from a grateful mum and a stronger swimming boy! ********************************************************
Dear Scooter,
Thank you for coming down to school with me this week.You have made a young boy very happy and his street cred has gone up at home time,just because of you! And even though you are noisy and have a tendency to clonk me on the leg as I carry you to school the above facts make me love you :-)
Love from a happy but bruised scooter carrier ************************************************

I could go on but time is running out!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


At the weekend we went to visit Tigers girlfriend who has just started at uni.

It's about a hours drive from where we live,so not to far but far enough when you have been used to seeing people on a daily basis.

When she went away last Tuesday it was dreadful,she looked so scared and I really did not like the thought of her on her own away from her people.
So I was really pleased to be seeing her at uni now she had settled in.

It was a lovely car ride there and Chipmunk was very happy,he had heard there was a bouncy castle there!

We eventually arrived,parked up,met up with her and Tiger ( he had gone up there on Saturday and was coming home with us later).

We went to the uni cafe and had pots of tea and yummy teacakes with real butter,it was so windy though I ended up eating half my hair as well as the tea cake and the butter papers kept blowing everywhere and splatting on people's clothes!
Chipmunk had a whole packet of cheese and onion crisps,the same ones as his big bro had eaten and he was so pleased with himself as he normally doesn't get a whole pack to himself.

We then went to search for the bouncy castle and Chipmunk had a good old bounce on it,he was really red when he came off it & we had to get him a drink!

We went to see her room,it was through locked doors where identity cards let you in and out,up quite a few flights of stairs and along long corridors,where lots of doors had pictures of all kinds of things,apparently there was a competition for the best dressed door later that week.

The room was nice,it had a view of the grassy area outside and had a desk in there for all the studying she will be doing!

There was countless photos stuck on the wall and it was a little bit strange to see Tiger on most of them but nice too,nice to know someone thinks a lot of him :-)

We then walked into Lincoln and Chipmunk was so happy!He ran,skipped and jumped all the way which made my heart melt as I love to see him move freely.

We came to a extremely steep hill which was aptly called 'Steep Hill' it was cobbled streets and very quaint!

A bit further on was a cathedral

And a castle

There seems to be a lot of history in Lincoln.

We went and had a look around a few shops and ended up in McDonalds as we were getting peckish,by this time it was getting late so we headed back to uni and said our goodbyes.

I really enjoyed looking around at the uni but I did not like leaving her there :-/ I know it's going to be a great experience for her but we miss her.

It was a fab day tho,nice to be out with my mum and dad,nice to see Tiger and his girlfriend happy together and nice to see Chipmunk skip happily around Lincoln.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Week Little One

Linking up with Mum Of One  to do This week baby I promise

This week I promise to make the most of the much talked about Indian summer and have a hours play outside with you each school night.
Hula hooping,football,bike riding you name it I'll give it a go! Please no playing horse galloping games though,Im shattered enough by the time six o clock comes around!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Chipmunk is really zooming these days on his scooter :-)

I have been taking it down to school when I pick him up and he loves to scoot home on it.

It's just a good distance for him to scoot,not far enough for him to give up & walk but far enough for him to feel he has really done something good.

He has a couple of small hills to negotiate and loads of people to get past,without crashing into them,so it must be improving his spatial awareness.

And above all it's fun!It makes me smile to see him scooting up the school drive,so for the time being I will put up with the noise that it makes as I take it to school and the comments such as "Why aren't you riding that" the plusses far outweigh the negatives!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silent Sunday

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Chipmunk loves MotoGP and when I say loves MotoGp I really mean loves MotoGp!

He watches every single bit of the race build up and this lasts days!
First on day one it's the practice,then on day two it's the qualifying and then on day three it's the actual race.
And each session lasts a long,long time because all three groups of bikes have to do each thing.This means Chipmunk could sit in front of the television for hours on three consecutive days which I really don't like.

But he does love it so!He knows all the riders names and what category they race in,he loves to predict who will win each race,he likes to see the different tracks and he can have a really knowledgeable discussion with anyone about MotoGp.

He has a book now where he keeps all the practice times

This seems to calm him down as he can sit and see the names of his beloved bike riders

His love of the bikes runs through to different areas of his life.Our cul de sac has now become a race track,he has a pit lane bit,a starting line and a garage part where he pretends to change tyres.

On a race weekend you may as well forget anything else because even if you try to take him out his mind is only on one thing.So I've come to the conclusion that while this craze lasts I'll go with it,that's why I'm writing this now as he's sat on the settee eyes fixed on the television!

Life as we know it!Totally and utterly bike mad!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

This week I Promise

Monday.....time to link up with mum of one for Baby I Promise 

This week I want to concentrate on my middle son and the promise is

This week I want to help you be more organised and self sufficient so that mornings are not so hard.

This could be a toughie,as organisation is coming along but needs tweaking!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Trying desperately to grab a button and link up to Shae at Yay For Home for Things I Know

I know the whole family will breathe a sigh of relief if I actually manage to get the cute Things I Know button,its becoming a obsession to work out how to get a blog button!

Here goes :-)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sat Here Waiting For Chipmunk

Well the first day back at school has finally come and I'm sat here waiting to go and pick Chipmunk up!He was ok this morning but understandably nervous.
When I went into his bedroom to wake him I said 'Are you ready for juniors?'
To which he replied 'Yes,ready and able.'
By breakfast though he was more reticent and he came up and cuddled me saying 'I think I just cant do this'
He did do it though and all day I have been wondering: did he manage at playtime,has he eaten his lunch ok,has he had anyone to play with,has he got lost,did he miss his home.
Well I will soon find out because its time to pick him up,I hope hes had a super day!We shall soon see!

Monday, September 5, 2011

This Week Little One

Monday again and that means time to link up at Mum Of One to think of something nice to promise your little ones for a week.
Last week I promised to be more aware when I spoke to my little one whenever possible,no looking at a phone when holding conversations with him,this week I have choose this
I promise to try and keep your routine as stable as possible while you are settling into your new school
I need to sort myself so that I can successfully sort him,if you know what I mean!Link up and let everyone know what you are thinking,last week there was some really good ideas! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cars 2

Even before the school holidays began there was one thing Chipmunk wanted to do ~ watch Cars 2.

Well we have done loads of things this holiday but we had not watched Cars 2,not until this morning that is.

I began to get quite worried that the movie would be taken off the cinema before we had seen it and I was put right by Chipmunk who kept saying that if he didn't get to see it he would be *so* upset!
It was the one thing he wanted to do so we just had to do it!

There was only one showing a day at 10.45am so the teens had to get up at a early hour :-) blurry eyed teens!

It was a great film though and I really enjoyed it.
The plot was intense with all the spy undertones but as with Cars the message was that we all need friends and we should respect our friends no matter what.

It was a nice trip out with all the boys and a great way to end the summer holidays.

Killer comment I guess, was when Chipmunk said (just as the movie started) "I can't wait for Cars 3!" Hmm please don't let's be on countdown for that now!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I Know

Playing along with Shae at this weeks Things I Know Well this week I know..

That I have absolutely had a fab summer holidays this year and I'am well pleased with everything I have done.

Bike riding with Chipmunk is still enthralling me totally!And the more we practice the steadier he gets and the more confident I get in his abilities and it is becoming a pleasure instead of a nerve wracking experience!It makes me want to shout woohoo!

I need to prepare for school pretty swiftly!No clothes labelled yet and still,yes still the summer scrapbook to complete ~ it will be the death of me!But it is a beauty!

I'm really enjoying blogging and the lovely people I'am meeting *waves to you all*

I'd better stop now as I have got a telly date with my lovely Sharky and I know I dont want to miss that!