Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six Word Saturday
 This weeks six words go as follows and everybody in our house would have to smile,nod their heads and agree!

Totally And Utterly All Kerplunked Out!  
To explain further Kerplunk is a game.
 You have straws and marbles and you have to carefully remove the straws without the marbles falling. The person with the most marbles loses.

You have to have a steady hand and infinite patience to set it up,especially first thing in a morning!

It takes 15minutes to set it up ( actually I'm so good at this now,it probably takes much less ) and 2 minutes to play!

But my youngest son loves it!

And we have had to stick inside because of his ear infection,so all week we have played Kerplunk!

And that is why I'm all Kerplunked out!

Good fun though and lots of laughs,squeals and fun had!

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  1. I'll be forwarding this to my little sister, who is now 52, who used to beg me to play this game with her every chance she got, ad infinitum. I always figured I was getting off easy if I could talk her into a guick game of Candy Land or Trouble instead. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Sounds like a lotta fun. Hope the ear infection is better.

  3. Fun game, have not played in years. I hope the ear infection is better!

    Stopping by from 6WS
    Mom on Caffeine

  4. lol! You must really love him :)

  5. We have that game! What a good momma! Blessings from SWS.

  6. when i was a kid that game frustrated me like CRAZY!!! enjoy playing more games!!!

  7. Sorry about your son's ear infection, those are painful indeed! But I do remember this game from my kids when they were young; it is a fun one indeed!

    hope he is on the mend soon!


  8. We used to have a game like this when I was young called 'pick up sticks' it really tests a steady hand.

    Have a peek at my new art in my etsy shop.

  9. But what a good mommy you are! A mommy does whatever it takes...even if she's Kerplunked out! (:>) Ha!

    Hope the little one feels better soon!

    Happy SWS!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  10. Oooh! Ears can be tricksy things - hope the littl'un is over it soon.

  11. It sounds like your son had some fun while not feeling well! Hope he is doing much better and just think of the memories you will all have.

  12. What a good mom! My kids are now grown and I have grandkids, but I still can't stand the sight of a Candyland board. :)

  13. We too love Kerplunk in this house, and Tumbling Monkeys (very similar!)x

  14. Thanks ever so much for all your comment.

    It's sounds like lots of people have views on Kerplunk!

    By the way we are still playing it!

    Just had our final check with doctors tonight and my little ones ears are ok ~ woohoo!Thank you for all your well wishes x