Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making A Birthday Card For Mamma

It was my mums birthday this week,so I decided to make her card with Chipmunk.

I thought being as it was Autumn we would go with a autumnal theme and do leaf printing in Autumn colours.

It did not turn out as I imagined at all,but great fun was had and I think my mum liked it!

First we collected some leaves.The day was rainy so we had to dry them out first

                                                           then we choose our paints

I mixed some paint with glue so the glitter would stick because I imagined delicate golden leaf prints inbetween bright painted leaf prints ~ Hee!

                                                        Then the printing began

After each attempt me and Chipmunk would look at it and puzzle wether it looked like a leaf or not

                                                                 Then for the glitter

                                                         Chipmunk put plenty of glitter on!

                                                     And this was our finished result ~ ta da

It wasn't quite what I had envisaged but we had a fantastic time making it and we laughed so much!

And do you know,when it was on the shelf with all the other birthday cards it looked lovely and I felt really rather proud of it!

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