Add A Memory

I have been thinking about this for ages but work commitments made it hard to get up and running.

Basically this is a place for those memories of the past to be stored.
 All those times of mine,the boys and the wider family.
Memories that were created when the word blog wasn't even around.Hang about even when we didn't have iPhones or any mobile phones!Can any of you remember that!

It's going be a place where I can keep all mixed up random memories and stories and I think when it's up and running I will love it.I hope you all do too!

Also in the back of my mind I hope this could be a place where the boys could come to in the future to read tales about their past and the past of their family.
A place where all the old tales are kept.

I know at the moment the boys may not be interested in details like this now but way,way ahead in the future who knows.

When I go to our little village library on a Friday it's family history day and I see and hear lots of elderly people desperate for details of their family history.

We all know stories of the past from our family but as people get older and die these stories can die with them.

I want to save some of those stories so that if they are wanted they are there.
I'm well aware they may not be needed but who knows what the future holds or just what these boys of mine will want to remember one day.

And I feel I can add stories of the older boys younger days here.When Tiger and Sharky were growing up there was no blogs and so their younger exploits are photographed but not written about.I would like to do that,for them and for me,probably especially for me!

Let's see how this goes... add a memory you are up and working as of now!

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