Thursday, October 20, 2011


Linking up with Shae from Yay At Home  to do Things I Know.

This week we are breaking up for a weeks holiday ~ woohoo! And that's what I'm basing this post on so things I know this week are;

We are all ready for a rest. I know its only 7 weeks since our long summer hols but with transition to junior school these have been 7 long,weary,weeks!

We will enjoy the  chilled out feel of school holidays,not putting a alarm clock on will be a treat!

There will be lots of appointments,doctors,dentist,hairdressers ( gotta be done jobs ) 

There will be fun! I would like to go to the cinema to see Tin Tin,to do the last few walks of autumn,to visit our summer holiday favourite park,to make halloween decorations are just a few ideas bubbling about.

I will enjoy listening to Smooth Radio in the mornings and trying to guess the Golden Hour.A small thing but it amuses me and keeps me busy!

I may even try to read a book!Since my Iphone arrived my reading has reduced drastically,so I may give books another go!Its quite unbelievable really as I was such a reader before,now I read blogs and Twitter!

I will find my youngest son a winter coat,he really could do with a new one.

Hmm something I really know is that as longs as the weather is dry and we get time to spend as a family together, I will be satisfied.
I could go on making loads of plans but that may only lead to me dashing around madly and perhaps feeling like I haven't got it all finished by the end of the hols.

So I'll stick with knowing that I'm lucky to have the break with the boys and make the most of each day whatever occurs!


  1. Sounds like a good plan. I love the school holidays. Our big summer ones are coming up in 8 weeks. Counting...

    Have fun!

  2. Oh that sounds great Jayne!I adore the big hols here,life is so different when it's the holidays! I will try my very bestest to have fun :-) xx

    Thanx Sarah xx