Sunday, October 9, 2011

Splashes & Dashes of Weekend Life

Well it's been a rainy old weekend,especially Saturday,when we spent most of the day curled up watching television,oh and doing homework!Homework is much more obvious now Chipmunk is in juniors. In fact it seems never ending!

We had set a new household record at *catch* 436 catches!Wow!At the end Chipmunk was so tired he was willing the ball to drop so he could rest!

We made my mum a birthday card.That's a post in itself!

We did get out for a quick walk to the shops and the fresh air was very welcome.

Budge the hamster got cleaned out,which thrilled Chipmunk,as he got to see Budge closely.So now we have a nice clean hamster,phew.

Tiger went to Lincoln to visit his girlfriend.He seems to have had a good time.

And Sharky spent the whole weekend glued onto his laptop,changing only to go on his X Box!

And that sums the weekend up really.Quite relaxed!

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  1. I like relaxed weekends like this; to me I feel more rested and ready to tackle the new week ahead! May it be a good one for you and yours!


  2. Betty I too love weekends like that! I was worried at first that I wasn't doing *enough* but I soon saw that we were just chilling and we had snuggly fun together.
    The week had been hectic so chill time was needed for sure!