Saturday, September 22, 2012

Six Word Saturday

''No More Surprises Please Little Hamsters''

This is a amusing tale and has kept our house very busy for the past couple of weeks.
I'm going to start at the very beginning,so is everybody sitting comfortably... right I'll begin...

About eighteen months ago my eldest sons girlfriend asked us if we would like her cousins pet hamsters,I said no because we hadn't any room to put them but after lots of discussion from the boys the hamster did come to stay,for a weeks trial, do you think that weeks trial stuck...nah the hamsters stayed forever,we named them Nudge and Budge and loved the tiny little characters dearly.

They were in our kitchen so they kept me company and my youngest son adored them and spent hours gazing into their cages.
We even took them to the school pet show,where they won this certificate

They were much loved hamsters!

But as all pets do they eventually died,Nudge went first and then in July Budge died.
We were sad and buried him under a tree in the garden.

The very next day when me and the young un was walking up the drive on our way home from school we saw his older brother waiting at the door for us.I knew in a instance he had done something and the look of excitement on his face told me it was a good something.

He whisked his younger brother into the lounge and there were two new baby hamsters!Little girl ones.

Of course we were very excited and after much discussion named the two hamster Pip and Squeak.

To be honest Pip and Squeak were not as friendly as Budge and Nudge used to be,they hissed a lot and we were all quite wary of them.

As the school holidays drew to a close Chipmunk began to say Squeak was getting round and having a baby.

I said no,just straight out no,because how could they have babies,they were girls!
Chipmunk insisted she was having a baby and I learnt to just smile sweetly at him,because I knew best,didn't I,two girl hamsters don't have babies do they!They just don't!

A while later Chipmunk excitedly shouted 

"There's a baby in the hamsters cage!"

And yet again,me of little faith said;

"No,there can't be,those hamsters can't have babies"

I did look,but not closely,because I was convinced there was no way those girl hamsters could have babies.

Fast forward perhaps a week or more,it's 7.30 on a school day morning,the house is at its busiest and yet again Chipmunk says 

"I can see a baby!"

And this time I looked,really looked and hey presto guess what I saw.... well I bet you know just what I saw a baby!
Well the whole house went berserk!

The hamsters had had babies!

Chipmunk and I rushed up to tell the older boys and they blearily stumbled downstairs and gazed in amazement at the hamster babies!
How we ever pulled it together and got to work and school that day I'm not sure!

That night the whole hamster family was taken to the pet shop and we split mum and dad hamster up and found out that we had four babies!

The babies were so lovely,little round furballs and they are so very friendly,we have spent the last two weeks watching them,when a baby comes out we all stop and are drawn to the hamster cage to see what antics they are getting up too.

They did have one last surprise though...

A week later when we were cleaning their cage we found another litter of babies!

Can you imagine the chaos!

After much thinking we sorted them all out and peace reigned again!We havnt disturbed the new hammies yet,that's the next job!
Our Babies
Day old pink hammies

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  1. I read somewhere that hamsters eat their babies....apparently not! good
    I've had hamsters too and the more you handle them, the more relaxed they get.....congrats

  2. how much fun... we had a similar experience a few years back with two BOY mice!!... wink, wink....

  3. Hi Joanne,I was nervous that she would eat them,luckily not!They are really strong now and able to survive on their own.Its been quite a amazing experience x

  4. Hi Mlissabeth,oh they 'are' cute,they stop me working!Cant help but look at them when they are out x

  5. Hello Brenda :-) so this has happened to you too then!What did you do with the mice?I was hardening myself to these new babies & then I've seen them.... Oops 'big mistake'

  6. I think those Mamas found a key and sneaked out in the middle of the night.

    Our pet population decreased here by one this week. We are having a sad household for a bit now. Adi was 16 and had lived 15 of those years with us.

  7. Oh my! That is quite a story! I am glad you are enjoying your pets! I am not into hammies...but I know you will enjoy them.

    God Bless You All!


  8. I'm quite worn out! How many hamster wheels will you need?

  9. Thanks Linda,it's been quite a hetic few weeks here!Very Intersting though :-) x

  10. Hello Jo!We need 'loads' of 'everything' it takes me quite a time at night filling up their water bottles,not what I anticipated at all but lovely all the same x

  11. No w i know why I never allowed my children to have pets. I had enough trouble with my 3 babies evenas they grew up. Enjoy your additional family.

    1. Lol!We love them to pieces,not sure what to do with them all but still love them :-)

  12. Lissen, if she's not gonna eat them, maybe she could send them my way....

    1. How many do you want... we got 9 altogether! :-)

  13. How adorable! But two litters at the same time? Just how many unexpected babies did you end up with?

    1. We ended up with four from the first litter and we counted five from second litter.Not sure what we going to do with them all!

  14. They are so cute. I love hamsters. But wow, two litters that is crazy. When I was a little girl, my parents got me a hamster. One day, I was at a friends house and the hamsters stopped breathing. My dad gave my hamster mouth to mouth in order to save him. It was amazing.