Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I don't know why our walk today was perfect but it just was.

It certainly wasn't the weather,that's for sure!It was so cold,that bitter cold that makes your head prickle and ache and it the sky was grey and we even saw a few snow flakes drifting down occasionally.

But Chips we had the time of our life up at the duck pond today.

You threw sticks...loads of sticks...into the water,I had to stop you in the end as you were leaning incredibly close to the edge and I thought one little unbalance and you would have tipped into the pond and it was unforgiving up there today so I called the game to a halt!Better safe than sorry!

We chattered all the way round and you were so happy.Just a little boy grubbing around in mud
throwing every stick you could possibly find even big massive ones

We visited the cafe and had a flapjack picnic
so scrummity delicious!

We looked for trains and found them,yesterday we were on that train looking at the duck pond,today we were at the duckpond looking at the trains!

We held hands all the way around and it was so good and felt absolutely right.I have been to the duckpond on many occasions where the weather has been so much better than today but for some reason today was special and why I just don't know,I just know it was.

So my curly haired friend thanks for today...it was perfect

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silent Sunday

My six words to describe this week are...
Daydreaming Is Good For The Soul

Yep its been a week of daydreaming my life away and its been good!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Butterscotch Tart

A couple of days ago I was alerted to the fact that my eldest son had been eating butterscotch tart without me knowing!

I opened his sandwich box and saw & smelt the evidence...lightly coloured crumbs,a sliver foil container and the unmistakable smell of butterscotch...at once I knew what had happened... he had gone to a bakery while he was at work and bought a yummity scrummity butterscotch tart.

I immediately questioned him and from the grin on his face I knew it was true!

Oh the pain... I needed a butterscotch tart too... it just wasn't fair... where was mine...

Well six days later said son came home and handed me a package and inside was....yep you've guessed it... Butterscotch Tart!

How pleased was I....try a million,trillion,squillion bits pleased!

Pleased because I had the sticky,yummy,caramely tart in my hand and it was all mine,mine,mine but more pleased at the thought that my boy had gone to the shop and brought me one,it could have been made out of anything and I would have eaten it...mealy worms,witchetty grubs,kangaroo testicles,crocodiles bum... well perhaps not but you get the picture...it was the thought that counted more than anything,nothing to do with the sticky delicious tart I had in my hands...and we all believe that,don't we!

Ta T,you're a star and your mum was well impressed!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playday Fun
Today was the day Chips had waited for forever... his friend came to play!
The two boys had a quick look round the toys and had a few goes on the wii and then we had a sandwich lunch.

All went well,the hammies behaved impeccably as they were picked up and down and down and up quite a few times,I was proud of you boys you never even nibbled the kids once! 

I lost my unbeaten record at Hoses and Ladders! This upset me greatly as I like to rule at that game!

Then we went for a walk in the forest.
It was a perfect forest day,blue skies and mild weather

We climbed over a stile and found a bit of woods to have adventures on

The boys trampsed through the grassy undergrowth getting stung by the occasional prickle and wobbling about on the very uneven ground.

They were both carrying sticks and having a good time waving them in the air,anything within a 100 mile radius was in severe danger of being clobbered.

They invented a machine which was called the 'catapulterer' and after a while they had refined its actions and it was able to launch its weapons ( otherwise known as sticks) a good distance.I love to see children play like this so I was watching them with interest.

We walked further and the boys had a ice cream and I had a hot chocolate which I forgot to stir and so all my yummy chocolatey bit was wasted at the bottom of the cup ~ what a wally!Ive regretted that all night!

We came home tired and happy and as I put Chips to bed he said what a happy day he had had.That made me smile.I hope he has gone to bed thinking happy thought and dreaming happy dreams.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six Word Saturday

And For Five Minutes Peace Reigned!

I love this photo!

Brothers together

Playing peacefully

Cuddled up side by side

No teasing whatsoever

Making their Mum have a soppy awww moment!

What more could a Mummy want!

Perhaps 10 minutes peace!Hee!

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Friday Thoughts

Well that's the first half term off 2013 finished 'done and dusted said Chips as he walked home from school.

This half term has seen Chippie do yet some more SATS ~ don't we just love SATS... not.
We have had a snow day off ~ woohoo and spent quite a few school runs trudging through snow.I do think we have had more snow already this year than in recent years.I wonder if that will continue into the next half term.
He has done some fab work with spellings and has tried really hard on Matheletics.

His swimming is progressing steadily,so onward we plod with it.

Our hammies are slowly but surely getting sorted and still keep us amused with their antics!

My drawer that I tidied at Christmas is still tidy!This is a miracle!My cupboard that I tidied during January is still tidy!Perhaps Iam beginning to get on top of a few small things and if I keep going it may get better and better until I'm ultra organized! It's nice to dream!

It seems ages since Christmas but its only been one half term,yet again a case of time moving fast.

Now we have a week off to play,no school runs,no lunch boxes,no getting uniforms sorted,all things that make me happy.

I'm hoping for a bit of good weather so I can get out and blow some of these cobwebs away.I think a few good walks in the fresh air would do me good.

Tonight when Chips is in bed I'm just going to wallow and eat chocolate and play soppy music to my hearts content but then tomorrow it's time to put my house in order,please come and give me a kick if you see me wallowing for more than just tonight!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Love You Mum

My little Chips is not a drawer at all.

In fact it would be fair to say he hates to draw.

He gets stressed,can't think of ideas and worst of all thinks everything he draws is terrible.

This makes me sad on two counts...

1. It so pains me to see him be scared to doodle and for him to truly think his work is not good enough because obviously to me his work is beautiful.

2. I haven't got many of his free drawings and I so miss these!I love children's drawings and their first attempts at writing and with Chipmunk these are very few and far between.

So can you imagine what I thought when I saw this left on the dining room table the other evening

I was so happy I could have squealed,infact inside I did!

It's now stuck on on the fridge.

Something's are worth waiting for!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Hammie Babes
Today I took six of my hammie babies to the farm park.

We have got too many hammies,some needed to be rehomed,it had to be done.

I found a place where I thought they would be well treated and have a good quality of life...a farm park.

The staff were brilliant,they said how lovely the hamsters were and reassured me about what would happen to the hamsters.

If I want I can even ring up and find out how they are doing.

It had to be done and I think I have found a perfect place for them....

so why do I feel so very sad

I'm lost without them!

Even tho I have plenty more hamsters!

They had names,I had looked after them,I feel the house is bare without them,even tho it was unbearably cluttered up with them!

We found out that all the ones we had taken to the farm were girls!

Six girls!

That's made it worse!

I keep thinking couldn't we have put them all in together and had a big hammie girlie cage!

But what is done is done and it is for the best...I think!

I'm still reeling from the shock that Nip Nip was a girl! I swore down Nip was a boy! But apparently not!

I hope they are ok and we will be visiting the farm over half term to see if we can have a peep at them.
It's quite a nice feeling to think that we can go and see them again...

But still I miss them...

No hammie scuffling noises in the places where there used to be hammie scuffling noises.

Perhaps when I've moved their cages it may be better and at last my beloved hammie Rafferty will have a proper cage

dude you are getting a real cage

It is for the best,I know in my head it is for the best but tonight my heart is that bit lost and more than a little bit sad

Bye my hammies,have a fun time on the farm



Was thinking of resurrecting Teen Tuesday that I used to do here ages ago.

I wanted a button tho and I think unless a miraculous miracle happens I'm never going to be techy enough to design a button BUT then I came across a even worse problem....I only have one teen now!

I used to have two teens but now one has grown even older and is not a teen anymore!

This has alarmed me!Only one teen!And a twentier!!!Too scary for sure!

Well I've just glanced across at the said teen,perhaps he will give me enough subjects to peruse in Teen Tuesday...let's see

Six Word Saturday

A Good Teacher Is Worth Everything

Gosh Saturday comes round fast,doesn't it!

Well my six words this week are heartfelt...Chipmunks teacher...I really like her and what's more trust in her.

And these are a few reasons I rate her so highly

She is fair ~ no matter what ability a child has this teacher teaches them at their level whilst expecting certain basic rules that to survive in society children need to know.

She is fun and has a sense of humour ~ even tho at first she may seem very to the point and takes no messing I also see smiles and laughter and ruffles of hair.Its a good mix in my opinion.

She has boundaries ~ I think to work and play successfully children need boundaries that don't move and this teacher has them!

She has a brilliant rapport with parents ~ catch the parents and the job is half way done I always say.Once a parent knows you like their child and that you going to support them as a family the whole home/school partnership becomes much more workable.

She has a tub of Haribo's for when the children have done good things ~ what more could you ask for in a teacher!

I truly like Chippies teacher,already I don't want him to move up to his next class but in the meantime I'm appreciating the fab teacher he has got!

Linking up with Cate at Show My Face for Six Word Saturday

Monday, February 4, 2013

If I Had A Desk
I love the idea of a desk!!I really do!

I can picture it in my mind...a lovely coordinated desk.

All tidy and neat,with a shiny laptop on it and drawers full of pens,paper clips,sellotape,prit sticks,gel pens and of course notepads, I love notepads with a passion!

It would have drawers with everything in such good order.Everything filed away so that I could just put my finger on any document I needed in less than ten seconds,marvellous.

In my mind it would be oh so neat,a little haven to go to when I wanted to write or if I needed to do any school work.
I would just plonk myself down and be able to work immediately,without any hassle,everything I could possibly need just there waiting ... bliss!

Oh and I think I would have a secret stash of goodies in there...haribos for when I wanted sweeties and chocolate for when I just needed chocolate.Only for medicinal and thinking purposes of course...chocolate does cure all ills doesn't it?Tell me yes!

But in reality what would my desk really look like... big grins!!! 

A terrible bloomin mess!

It would be piled high with stuff that you would only have to look at for it to collapse and tumble noisily to the ground creating a pile of muddled up paperwork that would take forever to put back into any kind of order.

The drawers would never properly close,why would they,I have not got a drawer in the house that closes properly,too much rammel shoved in them.
I think it's truly impossible for a drawer of mine to close properly...I really do!

So maybe a desk would not be a good idea after all,just another place to precariously balance stuff.

A girl can but dream tho!

Inspired by my mate who keeps apples in their drawers...should be a law against that...choccie rules all the way here!

Anybody else have their own desk?Is it tidy or is it a unholy mess?And are its drawers healthy or junky?Tell me more!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Six Word Saturday

February Already,How Time Whizzes By!

How fast is this year going already!

I was sat talking to my mum and dad on Thursday when my dad said;

"That's one month gone"

And I had a flippy moment in my head;

One month gone
Oh no!
Only 11months left till Christmas again
And I haven't saved any money this month
And what jobs have I knocked off my giant mega change my life around to do list... not many...perhaps not even any...yet

I totally went tizzed.

Not for long tho!

After a five minute scarefest,when I did think all the above and probably more,I came back down to earth and rationalised it all out and could see that January had been tough and I had done well to survive it.

I do honestly feel that time whizzes by these days,days blend into weeks,that turn into months and end up as another year gone.
The children around me grow taller and older at a alarming rate,sometimes unbelievably so.

But I guess that's the way its always been and always will be,as the old saying goes time waits for no man

Does anyone els find time whizzes by?

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