Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prom Night

Ahh the prom night was so good!I'm still smiling about it now.

S looked so handsome in his suit.

Everything went to plan,the prom ticket didn't get lost and was exactly where we put it all those weeks ago,stuck on the fridge door.This is pretty amazing for us!No rushing around searching for it,no upturned drawers,cupboards etc,no stressed people on a fruitless mad hunt just cool people taking the ticket off the door like organized folk do.

I took plenty of photos and we went to S friends house to wait for the limo to arrive.

His friends parents made us so welcome and they had 3 friendly cats so Chipmunk was in his element.We stroked the cats and watched them being fed and I enjoyed seeing them as much as Chipmunk did!

The limo pulled onto the street with music blaring out and a blonde women driver got out.She was quite a character and made me and my parents smile.

The boys posed for photos like celebs and then they got in the car and off they went.

S got back about 12.45 and seemed to have had a good time.

The actual details of what happened are pretty sketchy at the moment,I guess Facebook holds more of the story but as I'm not a facebooker I can't see!

We were all smiling at the end of the night and I guess that is what counts and the memory I will take from the night.

''Whites Are Best And We Are Better Than The Reds.''

This was the sound I could hear echoing around the school sports field on Sports Day

'' whites are best and we're better than the reds''

At times it was quite intimidating and the Red team didn't seem to have much to answer the whites with or did they...

Because actually when push came to shove the whites were not better than the reds,as the reds won sports day which meant on his first competitive sports day Chipmunk was part of a winning team!

The red team were ecstatic when they found out that they were overall winners as you can see in the above picture!

I think this went over Chipmunks head,he was just glad to have got his event over with,he was NOT looking forward to this day at all!

Chipmunks event was the sit and throw relay and he showed great perseverance as him and his partner threw the beanbag down the long track towards the finishing line

There was mixed feelings towards this day.I can only say I think we are all glad it's over and we are all smiling at the fact that Chipmunk was on the winning team,something his big brothers would have been so happy to be in!

Red team you are winners!

June 28th 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost Time

Well it's almost time Sharky,

The suit has been ordered for a couple of months.It has been adjusted and now it's hanging up in your room.

The limo has been booked and will be turning up at 7pm tomorrow.

Your ticket has been bought and is still sticking on our fridge,safe and sound,we are not going to misplace this one!

All ready for the big night...

today you are going to your prom!

You look so lovely in your suit,so very grown up and I can't help but remember you as that little baby who I so adored.

All grown up,well nearly :-)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Windy Day Planting

I love how his pocket is hanging out and how carefully hes holding the plant.
I do not know why we choose windy days to do our planting but we do!

This is not good when you get a bad case of soil in the eye or mouth.

We have learnt that lesson though and shouts of;

"Close your eyes the winds coming!"

could be heard echoing round the patio!

We had 3 different types of bedding flowers ~ geraniums,marigolds and lobelias.

It was surprising how quickly Chipmunk picked up on the names of the flowers and it was very cute to hear him say lobelia.

We talked about so many things,

shapes of leaves,size of flowers,colours of flowers,roots,packing soil around them to keep them steady,rain for their drinks,sun to make them grow strong,of and even snails!We found a sneaky young snail on the side of our bedding plant box,it was put far,far away from our precious plants!

Chipmunk did all the digging and filled all the flower pots with new compost.He got steadier with each plant pot and by the end he was getting the majority of the soil in the plant pots and not on the drive!

It was certainly a blustery bit of fresh air but after we had planted all the plants we both felt very satisfied and have kept checking them all afternoon.

Then came the clean up and believe me that was er interesting!Imagine sweeping up soil on a windy day.No sooner was it neatly piled up then whoosh in came the wind and the soil was spread all over the patio again!Not easy at all!

We had a great time though and it was good to get outside after being stuck inside for most of the week due to the wettest drought ever seen!Seriously when will this weather get a bit better?!?Perhaps for the school hols much wishful thinking there

So now we have lots of pots of flowers to tend and watch grow.

The jobs a good un!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Hold my hand Bro,I'm Tired 

I love this photo!Its Sharky and Chipmunk at Silverstone.

Chipmunk had fell over and slightly grazed his knee.

So up comes the trouser leg and no amount of cajoling would make him pull the joggers down.

I like the way they are holding hands and how Sharky is looking after his young brother.

It must be nice for Chipmunk to have big brothers and they are both great brothers to him.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Take A Parent For Dinner Day

At Chipmunks school they have been having several lunchtimes where parents have been invited in to have lunch with their children.
We have had mums in on Mothers Day and dads in on Fathers Day and today it was the turn of the children who take packed lunches to invite their mums in.

And in I went!

I was really looking forward to this as there are not too many opportunities to go into school too see the children,so if possible I try to take any chances that I get.

So this morning I packed my own sandwich box alongside Chipmunks,same sandwiches,same yogurt,same treat bar,different crisps!And after work I dived off along to the juniors.

As I opened the hall door I was met with a cacophony of noise!It was packed in there!

At every table was room for six people to sit down,there must have been at least 30 tables and all were full.

There was music playing and children chattering,it was a hustly,bustly place.

I found Chipmunk and he took me on a tour around the school while we waited for a space to eat our lunch.

Eventually we settled ourselves down and began to chomp our lunch.

The school dinners looked scrummy,it was jacket potatoes with crusty bread and behind where we were sat were a group of boys really enjoying their meal.
All the dinner children were so competent at lining up and carrying their meals on trays,they looked liked worker ants,with every child knowing exactly what to do!

As we sat together,on a table by ourselves Chipmunk and I chattered away and ended up swapping yoghurt's.Yep he even gave me his precious peach yogurt!

After lunch it was time to go in the playground,what a experience that was!

It was wet and windy and busy and noisy. There were children darting about and balls being thrown around at alarming speeds.I got hit by one and yes it did come keen!

Chipmunk went to play on the tyres with two friends and he happily balanced with them and then they played a spinning game together.

It began to drizzle and the wind was whipping the children into a frenzy.

A group of girls stood huddled under a pink umbrella while the boys just carried in throwing the tennis balls.

I saw a lot of smiley faces on the parents on the yard and there were a lot of muttered comments about the dreadful weather but I think everyone appreciated the chance to see their children at play at school.
You hear lots of tales about who did what at play times from your children and it's nice to put things into perspective and see things first hand.

It was soon time for the very loud and very shrill whistle to blow and all the children lined up and went back to their classrooms and I went home,very cold,very wet,very windswept but pleased to have been given the chance to be with Chipmunk and to be a lady who lunches!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Oh it is busy,busy busy here.So many things to fit in and a busy schedule that is jam packed full of stuff,good stuff but still stuff.

fitting for Sharky's prom,Olympic torch relay,nephews 18th birthday,Alton Towers for Sharky,school bbq,Sharky's prom,sports day ~ tons of stuff!

And tomorrow we find out Chipmunks new teacher for yr 4!I'm nervous about that!Will they split the two classes into 3?Who will the teacher be?Will he stay with his friend?Too many questions!Not long to wait for answers tho!

Tomorrow I'm going for dinner at school with Chipmunk,that should be interesting and Iam looking forward to it.
Infact that's what I'm going to do now,go and look for the letter with all the details on it,don't want to turn up late for dins!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School Swimming

Sleep tight little one because today one of my big worries has been sorted ~ I'm going to be allowed to go swimming with you during your school swimming lessons!

I have very good reasons for being concerned about your safety during swim lessons and it seems like the school has understood my worries and responded brilliantly!Infact I couldn't have asked them to be fairer with me and for that I'am sooo grateful.

Your school does block swim
lessons these days.
Every afternoon for two weeks you will be going swimming for a hour.

I think if handled right these daily swim lessons will be so beneficial for you,build those pesky muscles up,gain more upper body strength,have fun with your peers and have a ride on a school bus (I bet that will be quite a experience in itself!)

So I have signed two weeks of my life away and I'am just so happy to do so!It will be work in the morning and swimming straight after!

Now we can start to positively talk about swimming ~ it's going to be good Chipmunk!

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Today Chipmunk and I had a great impromptu experience.

We saw and held baby chicks!

I had just popped over to school,Chipmunk wanted to come with me to 'big school' but I felt him gripping my hand very tightly as we walked across the school hall.Its only less than a year that he was a pupil at this school but time away and being at a different school made him incredibly shy again.

We got to the F1 classroom and it wasn't long before something caught my eye.

Moving around in a container where several baby ducks!

I called Chipmunk over and we both oohed and ahhed at the cute little yellow bundles of fluff.

Then the teacher took us to a incubator and inside were about a dozen eggs with ducks ready to hatch!

You could hear them cheering inside the actual eggs!It was fascinating!

One duck was beginning to break through its shell and you could just see its beak pecking away at the shell.

The teacher showed Chipmunk how to keep the shell wet with a water spray so it was easier for the ducks to peck through and then Chipmunk held one of the bigger baby ducks!
He held it beautifully and was so thrilled to have such a unexpected treat!

As I held his hand across the school hall I felt very lucky to have had such a nice start to the day and the smiles form Chipmunk to me that he felt the same too!A wonderful start to a Wednesday morning.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Real Swimmer!

Tonight was Chipmunks first time back at swimming since the half term break.

The class was smaller this time,only 5 children,it seemed quieter and definitely calmer.

And today Chipmunk swam beautifully.

As I keep saying to him

You are a real swimmer now!

He is using his arms more,both arms!

And he is actually getting his legs off the bottom of the pool more and not doing that hop,swim,hop move that he has been doing for ages!

I can see in his face that he is proud!We are both proud!

The teacher asked him & one girl to keep doing different things as some of the children were at a earlier stage of swimming and this made him float ten feet above the pool and this in turn made him try even harder!

Fab Stuff!

We have waited a long time for this and I can finally see lots of signs that Chipmunk is really becoming a little swimmer!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Day Of Half Term

We have had a really nice half term hols.

Not gone too far and had rubbish weather but still enjoyed being off and managed to get in plenty of walks and fun.

This morning started with just a tiny bit of blue sky

I really wanted to get out and so kept my fingers crossed that I'd didn't rain and luckily it didn't!
Chipmunk did a great job of washing his muddy scooter!
After breakfast we went for a walk to the park

Chipmunk bounced his tennis ball all the way down the street.

Shadows on the pavement

We passed a horse on the field

And pretty yellow wild flowers
Then we reached the entrance to the park

On the park we played catch and then went to do some climbing on the equipment.

Chipmunk learning to swing.

Climbing up the climbing frame

Getting ready to jump.

We had a fun time,there were quite a few people on the park making the most of the decent weather.

We had a fab go on the seesaw!Chipmunk laughed and laughed as he bumped up and down.

"I'm at my level" he kept squealing as he slipped down off the seat.

As we walked home I saw poppies growing

and this reminded me of last summer when we were walking together.
The poppies seem to grow anywhere

A solitary poppy in the pavement.

Tonight we measured all the rain that had fell during the week

It filled this jar up which was 750grams.That's a lot of water!

And our last job was to rub the jubilee tattoos off.Bye little tattoos you have been with us all holidays and now we won't forget you as you have been on all the photos!

Silent Sunday

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sticky,Squelchy Adventure!

After 3 days of rain Chipmunk was getting very stir crazy ( even if he didn't know it ) so it was time to get wrapped up and get some fresh air.

I decided on a scooter ride to the comp and although he protested like mad, once Chipmunk was out he scootered happily along.

It was a bumpy old day and Chipmunk came off his scooter at least three times,each time though he got back up albeit it with a few groans and ouches.

We tried to get down to the river but it was just too steep and slippery today.

It was so pretty down by the river bank.Lots of tall buttercups making a bright yellow statement against the green grassy banks.

I got totally stuck in some yukky,sticky mud down near the river.
Chipmunk said I had been caught in lava,which made me smile.

The yukky,sticky lava!

And then Chipmunk spotted something moving across the path.

It was a really big frog hopping across to the river.I tried to get it on camera but it moved fast and was well camouflaged.

The frog is at the top of the photo,you may have to look very closely!

The frog fascinated Chipmunk and me as well!

It was a great walk,pretty scenery,fresh air and plenty of giggles ~ Chipmunk really belly laughed when I got stuck in the mud!

pretty,grassy riverbank

Wow,its Mr Blue Sky!

Sleeves rolled up,ready for action
Six Word Saturday

You lead and I will follow

It seems these days that you are leading me Chipmunk and Iam following

Through grassy nettles

Along forest paths

Down to school

Scootering along

Yep you lead and I will follow

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Splashy smiles

Time for splashy smiles!

Chipmunk has come out with some funny things this week.

One night at tea I was asking him what he wanted to eat,he replied;

"A sandwich"

"You would live on sandwiches if you could,wouldn't you?" I said

"No" Chipmunk seriously replied;

"A house"

And he couldn't understand at all why we started to laugh!


Early one morning Chipmunk was reading a chip shop price list

Instead of a tray of salad he described it as a try of salad and this made me smile.


Our neighbour has been dog sitting this week and Chipmunk has been very interested (to say the least) in their borrowed dog Gino
The whole of our family has been dragged to see Gino.
Unfortunately for Chipmunk Gino has now gone home.


We had a lovely afternoon and tea with my mum and dad on Thursday,soup and crusty bread,as the rain lashed down outside.We was warm and well fed,always a good thing.


Obviously spending time with the boys have made me smile ~ I heart the school holidays where we can all just be together. 


I have loved blogging this week,capturing those memories.I hope I can keep it up when school and work starts up again!

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Half Term Crafts

Jubilee Crown

Pirate Fun

Mummy Swan & Babies

Paper Chains

Colourful Koalas

2 minute memories

Last Friday T went to visit his girlfriends grandad in the nursing home he stays at.

The home was having a jubilee day.

A couple of hours later T came home and as he walked through the door I could see he was a bit bemused.

He produced this

It seems he had won the raffle!

Perhaps not what a teen boy would want to win in a raffle!

In a nice gesture he gave it to his grandma,I said no as I wanted the boys to have something to keep to remember the jubilee with but I think I will say that it should go to my mum as the thought from T was really nice.

My lasting memory of this tho was the look on T's face as he showed us what he had won #priceless

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catching Smiles

Dear boys,

Today we were supposed to go out to Nottingham with your Mamma and Grandad but when we woke up it was raining.

The rain got steadily worse and I began to think that this was a bad idea.

Trouble was I had already told you Chipmunk about the trip and we were all looking forward to a day out.

After much discussion we decided to abandon the idea of Nottingham and go bowling instead and I'm so glad we did!

We booked in for two games and began to play.

And how competitive were we!

Tiger and I had a contest going but in the end Sharky piped us at the post!

And talk about swagger!Yes Sharky I did see the 'winner' walk you did at the end!

Chipmunk you did really well and you were a lot stronger this time,carrying the ball really well and swinging it with confidence.

You kept saying,

"I'm gonna smoke you boys"

Well you didn't quite smoke them but judging from your big smiles I think you had a good time.

Knock em down T,coz I'm not far behind you and ready to give you some competition.Us girls have got some pride you kno!

We did have such fun and I loved seeing you all at play.These days life is so busy,very computerised and we can go days without all of us being together.

It's a treat to be together as a family and to just play,something we should do more often I feel,just the age old problem of money stopping us I guess.

You are all growing up fast!I stood watching you all,trying to catch those smiles and trying to commit them to memory!

When you were younger I saw you smile much more,these days it's rarer to see you really smile so I guess it's really precious when I do glimpse it.

Today I saw plenty of smiles and I appreciated every one.

We must do this bowling lark again!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thanks Momma Swan.

On our walk today we came across momma swan and her beautiful fluffy little babies

At first momma swan was on guard,there was a dog close by and she was protecting those precious bundles of fluff.

But the dog moved away and Chipmunk and I waited,fascinated by the cuddly babies and also by their protective mummy!We spoke about why she was protecting her babies and then we got some food out and threw her a little bit.

Momma Swan was hungry and she began to peck around.The babies uncurled too and started to look for food.

After the food had gone the Swan family settled back down peacefully

And we left them to snuggle up together.We loved seeing the baby swans so closely and it was great to see nature at work with a very protective mummy and her cute babies.