Saturday, October 1, 2011

Football Boots

We have been having trouble here regarding football boots.

This year for his PE lessons Sharky has chosen American Football and Rugby,both which require footy boots and the problem is...he does not have footy boots!

This makes Sunday and Thursday nights very taxing as he goes through the house and garage looking for non existent footy boots,even worse was when he chose 8am on a Monday morning to search for these boots ~ now that was bad

There should be some of his big brothers boots about but can we find them?No we can't!Wherever they have gone is a mystery that has not been solved yet.

So it's become apparent that Sharky needed his own pair of boots and woohoo we've got them!

Imagine the calmness in our house when Sharky goes to pack his PE kit
Shirt ~ yes
Shorts ~ yes
Socks ~ yes
Joggers ~ yes
Boots ~ yes,yes,yes!

It's making me smile just thinking about it!No more frenzied searching,no falling out,no rooms turned upside down and no feelings of letting your boy down.This is good!New football boots rule!

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