Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six Word Saturday

rainy,fragile,busy,hopeful,smiley week

It's been a funny old week and I'm not entirely sure if that's because of the weather or just the fact that I'm not that well ( virus type of cold thingy ) and that makes me see the world as cold and troublesome.

So... my six words and why...

Rainy ~ yup this week has been just a tad rainy! (understatement of the year here) and couple that up with feeling under par it's been brrr!Ive gone from wet to dry and then wet again more times than I liked.And just felt constantly cold and damp most of the week,brrrr again!

Fragile ~ oh for there has been a fragile feel to the house!Little things have seemed to upset people much easier than normal,I guess that comes with feeling not 100%.I know this is the case so I'm trying not to get upset too much as when I'm much better I realise these little issues may seem much less significant than they do now.

Busy ~ as always it's been busy here!Clubs,work,school,family,it's always going to be a busy house,for the foreseeable future anyway.

Hopeful ~ I like this word!Im hoping my eldest boy has some luck with his next move in life.Fingers crossed for him!

Smiley ~ oh gosh yeah there is always lots of smiles here,how could there not be,with these boys of mine.I do smile and laugh with them loads,even when I'm poorly sick!

So those are my words for this week,go visit some other people to hear their six words over at our lovely host for this linky Cate at Show My Face 
There are so many great bloggers who post here so its well worth your time to check it out.

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Friday Thoughts!
At the moment my thoughts are bad,I have just wrote quite a long blog post and then gone and lost it,I feel not good,triple,dipple,hundred and thousands of grrrrs not good!!!

Ah well onwards and upwards as they say.

The bit I wrote was just about rain,feeling damp constantly,virus,shivery,British weather,oh wondrous joy!

'Starts all over again'

This week at school Chipmunk has only had one little hiccup and the rest of the time he's done well.
He has win a great prize in the reading raffle ~ a book about the Olympics which is right up his street

His reputation as a mega bookworm continues!Hes always in the draw for prizes to do with reading.

There has been lots of interaction in his homeschool diary which I love.So fab to actually know what's going on in school and it does show a level of care.

I'm really impressed with his swimming lately it seems this new class is just the right level for Chipmunk and he is flourishing in there.
He is being taught to use his arms more effectively and one thing that I find remarkable is his floats,when he did a front float he looked just like a little star lying so still and flat on top of the water.My dad said it was a dead mans float,I prefer the term 'little star'

On Tuesday we had a trip to the dentist and yup it was raining,dare I say again, I loved to watch Sharky and Chipmunk run and splash in the puddles,the rain did not stop them one bit and as usual Sharky's enthusiasm was contagious as he ducked and dived his way there,hiding and jumping out from behind stuff,running across walls and leaping of,some things never change.
The actual check up at the dentist was ok,Chipmunks teeth are all growing perfectly which I'm very relieved at.I was a bit unsure about the gaps in his mouth left by the his baby teeth falling out but the dentist has reassured me that all his new teeth are coming through correctly,so I'm relieved.
The only ouch moment was when I had to pay for Tigers check up,lots of money for a five minute check up!But I want to keep the boys dentist visits up,so I guess I must budget for this now!

And that was my week.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekend Splashes And Dashes
Well the weekend flew as weekends do.
Luckily we managed to get out and a bit of autumn seeking.
Our aim was to find some conkers and we didn't!Not even one measly conker!
We must search harder,it is illegal for this family to be conkerless!

As the weekend drew on the weather turned colder and wetter until it was pretty miserable,so I was glad we managed to get out as much as we did!

It's now nearly the weekend again but I wanted to finish this post with some Autumny photos I took on our search for all things autumn.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Silent Sunday

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Six Word Saturday

''No More Surprises Please Little Hamsters''

This is a amusing tale and has kept our house very busy for the past couple of weeks.
I'm going to start at the very beginning,so is everybody sitting comfortably... right I'll begin...

About eighteen months ago my eldest sons girlfriend asked us if we would like her cousins pet hamsters,I said no because we hadn't any room to put them but after lots of discussion from the boys the hamster did come to stay,for a weeks trial, do you think that weeks trial stuck...nah the hamsters stayed forever,we named them Nudge and Budge and loved the tiny little characters dearly.

They were in our kitchen so they kept me company and my youngest son adored them and spent hours gazing into their cages.
We even took them to the school pet show,where they won this certificate

They were much loved hamsters!

But as all pets do they eventually died,Nudge went first and then in July Budge died.
We were sad and buried him under a tree in the garden.

The very next day when me and the young un was walking up the drive on our way home from school we saw his older brother waiting at the door for us.I knew in a instance he had done something and the look of excitement on his face told me it was a good something.

He whisked his younger brother into the lounge and there were two new baby hamsters!Little girl ones.

Of course we were very excited and after much discussion named the two hamster Pip and Squeak.

To be honest Pip and Squeak were not as friendly as Budge and Nudge used to be,they hissed a lot and we were all quite wary of them.

As the school holidays drew to a close Chipmunk began to say Squeak was getting round and having a baby.

I said no,just straight out no,because how could they have babies,they were girls!
Chipmunk insisted she was having a baby and I learnt to just smile sweetly at him,because I knew best,didn't I,two girl hamsters don't have babies do they!They just don't!

A while later Chipmunk excitedly shouted 

"There's a baby in the hamsters cage!"

And yet again,me of little faith said;

"No,there can't be,those hamsters can't have babies"

I did look,but not closely,because I was convinced there was no way those girl hamsters could have babies.

Fast forward perhaps a week or more,it's 7.30 on a school day morning,the house is at its busiest and yet again Chipmunk says 

"I can see a baby!"

And this time I looked,really looked and hey presto guess what I saw.... well I bet you know just what I saw a baby!
Well the whole house went berserk!

The hamsters had had babies!

Chipmunk and I rushed up to tell the older boys and they blearily stumbled downstairs and gazed in amazement at the hamster babies!
How we ever pulled it together and got to work and school that day I'm not sure!

That night the whole hamster family was taken to the pet shop and we split mum and dad hamster up and found out that we had four babies!

The babies were so lovely,little round furballs and they are so very friendly,we have spent the last two weeks watching them,when a baby comes out we all stop and are drawn to the hamster cage to see what antics they are getting up too.

They did have one last surprise though...

A week later when we were cleaning their cage we found another litter of babies!

Can you imagine the chaos!

After much thinking we sorted them all out and peace reigned again!We havnt disturbed the new hammies yet,that's the next job!
Our Babies
Day old pink hammies

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surprise Trip Out
We had a lovely surprise trip out this afternoon.
My mum and dad came up and we went for a walk around a local pond.

Chipmunk took his scooter and we had a lovely end of summer walk 
round the lake.The sun came out and Chipmunk got his usual hot self,after 
a busy day inside it was a lovely bit of fresh air and a walk with family always rates highly with me.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Silent Sunday

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Six Word Saturday

My six words this week describe me and my morning routine...

Radio On,Cuppa,Biscuit To Dunk

I have enjoyed this simple routine during the school holidays.
No mad rush to get out the door,no sandwich boxes to make,no waking sleepy children and hurriedly packing school and work bags up.

Yes I may still have been bleary eyed somedays,like today for instance as I make a early morning cuppa for my paper boy before he sets off on his round.

But it's a easier sort of bleary if you know what I mean.

I can snuggle up in my dressing gown and the pace is definitely slower.

I have had fun listening to the radio and joining in guessing the Golden Hour each morning,sometimes I have even got the years right,mostly I get them wrong!Chipmunk will always dash in saying,

"Mummy,it's the Golden Hour"

And off I will go again trying to work out which years the songs were in the charts,I like it and you can tweet the answers up to Smooth Radio so it's very interactive.

I like listening to the Our Tunes that they play on the radio too,stories of people's life's and the song that means something to them.I always get a bit teary about these stories though,so I'm not sure they are so good for me!

I can only have this routine in the school hols tho,as I'm at work when the Golden Hour and Our Tune are on usually.

Oh and the biscuits I dunk are Rich Tea Or Digestives and yes,mostly they do snap and fall into my very large mug and leave a horrible sunken mess at the bottom of the mug,which if I have the misfortune to drink causes me to nearly choke!
The gain is worth the pain tho and I still dunk!

Right off I go,my mug of tea is calling...

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