Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have been inspired by the posts of people writing about their favourite kids toys so Ive thought very hard and come up with the toys that are the most used in our house.

Now my youngest son is not the worlds best player he doesn't naturally like to play so that means a toy has to be really fun for him to play with it.

My list has really made me smile because most of the things are cheap and tried and tested things,what does that say to you :-)

It makes me think the old things are still good!

Here goes then

1. First toy without a doubt is a ball!Just a simple ball!
    It cost £1.00 and has given my son hours of enjoyment and has really improved his throwing and catching skills.Its involved all the family and we have had such fun with this ball!
 Second is a hoola hoop.
Again we have spent hours with this hoola hoop,just rolling it to and from each other,we have played with it on a daily basis and it is really good fun

Third is felt tip pens and colouring books.In the summer we spent a lot of time colouring.These felt tip pens were from the £1 shop (again!) so a really reasonable price for a toy that gave us hours of entertainment.

  Fourth is Trio.My son was bought some Trio at Christmas by his mamma and he does like it.It clips on well together sand you can build some good things like towers and er guns!

Fifth is a bike ~ this year my little one has been practising his bike riding skills.During the summer we spent hours on his bike outside on our cul de sac
All the boys have always loved their bikes and I think they are a great toy.

Writing this list has made me smile because it has focused me into the fact that most activitys that my son actually plays with are cheap £1 toys!
So why do we buy so much at Christmas in the first place! 
We have so many toys at our house and 3 of the most used things are from the £1 shop and yet they have entertained my son all year long!
I think I should listen long and hard to that message when I'm Christmas shopping!

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  1. The oldies are the goodies! It's really all about the classics with a few new classics thrown in. Love it!