Sunday, July 31, 2011

Holiday Sunday

Well we woke up late today ~ 9.30!That's the latest lie in we have had for a long time ~ must be the sea air.

Chipmunk thinks when his brothers come out their bedroom that they are coming *down* even though their are no stairs!Wonder when he will realise this fact,if he ever does realise that!

Everybody seemed to sleep well,thankfully and I think we are settling in well.

The weather is cloudy but dry so I think we are going to try and go on the beach later.Chipmunk is really wanting to go in the sea and I think he may as he is really hardy where water is concerned,he actually prefers cold water over warmer water. We will soon see!

I'm looking forward to seeing the sea,I won't be going in today though,it looks brrr.

Right got to go,toast to make and eat :-)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Smiles

We are on holiday :-) that's definitely something to smile about!

Too tired to write too much so just jotting a few things down.

1. Chipmunks face as he watched all the 2p pieces fall from the change machine at the money place ~ he looked so impressed.

2. The car journey down,Sharky insulting every fellow driver he saw,Chipmunk behaving so well all the way down,listening to the music and the lovely views as we got closer to Cornwall.

3. Watching the funniest pool match between Tiger and Sharky,especially when the longest que of people obstructed the match and caused chaos!

4. Views from our new home for the week,I think we are going to like the home on the hill!

Let's hope we all have a really good week!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Things I Know

I'm not sure at all how to link up with other blogs but I'm writing these things down because I like this linky thingy!

Things I Know this week

I know I'm lucky to have six weeks off with the boys

I know I'm lucky to have a job I love

I know time is passing quickly and boys are growing fast

I know I'm looking forward to going to the seaside

I know I want to find a book to read over the summer holidays

I know I'm proud of Chipmunks colourings

I know it was good having Sharky at work experience with me

I know it's exciting to make plans up and dream of summer fun

I know I've got to stop writing now because I'm so tired :-)

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2nd day of hols~it's all go :-)

We have been so busy today and it has been good.

The start to the day was unhurried,the radio was on Smooth,I had a warm cup of tea,Chipmunk was as usual noisily munching and crunching his cereal and Tiger was off to work.

After breakfast Chipmunk sorted through his comics while I did the dishes,put the washing in and sorted the bins out.
I then did a butterfly
colouring with Chipmunk.

We had toast about 10.30 and then read some books,after that we sorted our green house out and repotted the sunflower and the pea plant.Hopefully they may have more chance of survival in bigger pots,we have both made our minds up to care for them more and I think we will notice them more now they are out in the open.

We have found a pea pod growing though and this fascinated Chipmunk and me to be honest!

This afternoon we went to the park and Chipmunk played on the I Play.He *loves* the I Play and got up to level 4!

The I Play although fantastic does make people sweat and Chipmunk looked as tho he was going to burst after a while so he did have to come off and that did not please him at all!

We had a chippy chip cob for tea and then went to the children's youth club at church ( and that is another story )

It was a great day and we are happily tired out :-)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Day Of Holidays

This was a swings and roundabouts day but by far the best thing was Chipmunks swimming!

We had a wander round town before the lesson,all the usual haunts,the library,Primanio,M&S for a sandwich (there was none!) and the £1 shop of course!

We brought 3 pairs of swim shorts ( coz we got a swimmer in the family :-) ) and a pink surfer tee-shirt and it was decided that Chipmunk could choose which shorts to wear for swimming today.

We met Mamma at the swimming pool desk and had to get undressed quite quickly because it was nearly lesson time.
Chipmunk chose the stripey swim shorts (these were my favourites) and quickly got in the pool.

For a while Chipmunk complained about his foot hurting him,he did have a fall in town and I was wondering if he had twisted it but after a while he stopped mentioning it quite so much and swam beautifully.

Today the thing that *really* impressed me was how well Chipmunk used his arms!He used them alternately and seemed to be really pulling with them,it looked like he was really swimming and he moved so smoothly too,I was so very proud of him!

He had to jump in as well today and he managed all 3 jumps by himself!The second time all the children jumped in together and Chipmunk did it!He also sneaked a crafty third jump when it was playtime,that thrilled him!

All the children got splashed by Jenny,which they loved and they splashed back excitedly!

Jenny ended the session by saying 'See you in September!'

We have booked for the new session already!

Iam so glad Chipmunk has done these lessons,he is coming along brilliantly and it is such a positive thing to do with him each week!
Swimming rules!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100% Attendance!

Today Chipmunk got a very special medal.During the last few weeks he has had medals for football,medals for reading but this medal was for 100% Attendance during this year!

This is something that's really important to me because it has not always been this way.

When Chipmunk first started school his attendance was poor,he seemed to get illness after illness and we just couldn't keep him fit and healthy.
I personally feel that stress played a big part in all of this.

During year one progress with attendance was made but we were still struggling to make even half a term without any time off.

Then during year two Chipmunk made a whole term at school and I was thrilled,this went on to be two terms and then the unbelievable 100% attendance record!

For me this is so special!From a really bad start to a fantastic ending!

Chipmunk was really pleased with this medal and had a few comments from the other children who knew the importance of what he had done ~ one little boy said 'that means he has come to school every day' and he looked amazed :-)

Well done Chipmunk,mummy is really proud of you!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Last days at infants

Just three days left Chipmunk and you will no longer be a infant boy!To me that is pretty amazing!I have so many memories of you all at that school and you will be our last boy there.No more standing on the Infant playground,no more personally knowing all your teachers,no more walking in school as and when to see you or the teachers,it's all change!

Well today was the pet show and you took our Russian Hamsters Budge and Nudge in!

You were so excited to show them all your friends and I was quite suprised to find out that you had been holding them!
Apparently Kurt dropped one of them,good job they were found!

And they won this certificate

We are all very proud!

Tomorrow it's the talent show,what a exciting week you are having!And I'm glad, hopefully these will become your memories of infant school :-)

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Little Blog :-)

Hi Little Blog

Things have been so hectic here that I have not had chance to post for ages.

We have had loads of certificates,medals and a great deal of emotion as the school year draws to a close.

Hopefully I will get back into posting more regularly soon,because I have tons to catch up on!

And it's nearly the summer holidays!Woohoo!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Duckling 2!

Woohoo Chipmunk has got Duckling 2 award at swimming!

For this award one of the major things he had to do was put his face in the water.This was not easy at all for Chipmunk!He does not like his face getting wet at all!

Last week his teacher told him to practice in the bath just putting his face under the water for a while.
He tried this in the shower but he really didn't like it at all and I did have my doubts wether he would be able to do it.

But do it he did and boy isn't he proud that he got a Duckling 2 award!And so am I!

His grandad came to watch him swim this week,which was lovely.
And afterwards we all went home for sausage and chips!

His Duckling 2 Swimming Badge

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Footballer Tiger

Football and Tiger go together like Tom and Jerry,Fish and Chips,Salt and Vinegar,Ying and Yang,Thunder and get the picture :-)

Whenever I think of one significant thing that Tiger loved during his childhood it would be football,followed closely by Harry Potter.

From when he could walk Tiger would kick a ball around the house and garden and when he was about 3years old he decided to be like his daddy and support Liverpool,he still does support Liverpool and has had most of the Liverpool kits throughout the years.

Some of his favourite Liverpool players have been Michael Owen,Stephen Gerrard and recently Torres!

When he was at Infant School he would always play football in the playground and I can really picture him every playtime blasting a ball around in the year two playground.

When he was six years old he joined our local footy team and spent about six years with them.It was so competitive though and he took a year out of football and then joined up with our other local team where he stayed till he was 16.

Even now he plays football for a team and I love to see him in his footy kit because it reminds me of when he was much younger and when we used to watch him play every Saturday without fail.
Sharky spent most of his childhood rolling around a field while his brother played footy :-)

These are the latest footy boots

I always love the brightness of footy boots,if not the price!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011


There's been fire on our cul de sac tonight,luckily nobody was hurt and it was put out quickly.

It was at bedtime,I had just put Chipmunk to bed,we had read a book about motorbikes and one chapter of the Horrible Princess and as I drew his curtains I saw lots of black swirling smoke,I glanced down and that's when I saw the flames and there was a lot of flames!

I shouted to Chipmunk and he rushed to the window,I don't think he believed his eyes!

We went downstairs and I went outside but Chipmunk wanted to stay in the house ( he was a bit scared I think. )

Outside lots of the neighbours had gathered and a couple of the men were marching about with spades,they started to throw soil on the fire and then one neighbour got a fire extinguisher and with a couple of blasts the fire began to die down.

By the time the fire engine arrived the fire was out!Our cul de sac has it's very own fire fighting heroes!

All seems to be ok,the fence is pretty damaged and nobody seems to know how it started.

Chipmunk came to look at the fire engine but was a bit overwhelmed by the size of it!

When he went to bed the fire engine was just going so he happily waved from the safety of his bedroom.

He said that he had seen the smoke whilst I was reading his story,he thought it was a BBQ!

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Ghosts In The Playground

On Friday night I took Chipmunk to the junior school BBQ and as I stood on the playground I could feel the memories of Tiger and Sharky surround me.

It's been just four years since Sharky left juniors but it feels like a lifetime ago!

I can remember when Tiger started there,I was apprehensive because it was a new school and it was the first time any of the boys had been anywhere unfamiliar.
Up to that time they had been at the infant school where I had worked since before they were born,I knew everybody at the school and they knew me but at juniors they didn't know Tiger and I didn't know any of the teachers at all,so it was very different.

At Tigers first parent teacher meeting at juniors I found out that his teacher was fine and that after just six weeks she knew Tiger well enough to put me at ease.He spent four good years there and was involved with the school football team and the tag rugby team.He went on his first residential trip whilst at the juniors and I was sad to see Tiger leave juniors.

Sharky also had a good time at juniors,he was a much livelier character and incidents like splatting ink all over the newly decorated library and letting off stink bombs with his friends seem to stick in my mind!

It was while the boys were at juniors that I had Chipmunk and that's why Chipmunk's new teacher remembers him being born,as Tiger was in her year six class at the time.

So being on that school yard did bring back some memories of Tiger and Sharky when they were so much younger and now my last little boy is going to be going there ~ doesn't time fly.

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Today Chipmunk and I went to the duck pond and it was so lovely,really peaceful and very green!Everything had grown loads,we couldn't even see Chipmunks favourite hiding place!

There were blue and white yachts bobbing about

and even the swans seemed more peaceful today and instead of chasing us they stayed in the water and let us feed them properly,instead of us throwing the seed in and then making a quick retreat!

One particular swan was almost letting Chipmunk feed it and when Chipmunk put some food on the concrete it would stretch it's head up and gently eat the food

This amused Chipmunk and he fed it loads.

We then noticed the swans webbed feet and laughed at the splashy noise it made as it lifted it's feet in and out of the water

As we walked around the lake we saw lots of different flowers...

little yellow buttercups

white ones growing up a tree

tall spiky ones

and some absolutely ginormous

We also collected some feathers from the ducks

Some of them were so soft and lovely to touch.
We've brought them home and stuck them in a planter to keep

We both enjoyed this trip out,I think it was just what we needed!

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School BBQ

Chipmunk was sooo very excited about this BBQ!

He came home waving a blue letter with all the details on it,we stuck the letter in his bedroom and everyday ever since he has been checking it carefully!

The first thing he said to anybody he met today was "There's a BBQ at my new school tonight!"
And by 8.30am he must have told over 10 people about *the BBQ*

That morning at school his new teacher came to meet all the children who were going to be in her class in September.
She recognised Chipmunk because she has already taught both of his two older brothers and she had quite a conversation with him about how when Tiger was in her class they all waited and waited for Chipmunk to be born!This impressed Chipmunk and so did the fact that she told him that at the BBQ she would be running the *sweet stall*

Well Chipmunk had not realised there would be a sweet stall so he was over the moon ~ a sweet stall and his new teacher running it,all the more reason to look forward to the BBQ!

The school day passed and
6 o'clock came so off to the BBQ we went.

Chipmunk saw lots of his friends there,he had a go on the score a goal stand and won a small sweetie,then he had a photograph taken with a *real* storm trooper ( he was a bit reticent about this,saying he was embarrassed,but in the end he was brave enough to stand next to the storm trooper and be clicked ) then he went to the sweet stall and chose a bag of pick and mix which we ate on the way back home.

For me being back in the junior school playground brought back lots of memories of two little boys who are now a lot bigger,but I guess that's another post :-)

On our way home we bumped onto Tiger,he was coming back from a day out with his friends and we were pleased to walk home with him.

Another school BBQ done and dusted,4 more to follow and what a difference I will see in this little boy during those years :-)

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