Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Trickery

Ahh we had such a good Halloween!

That good I've been too shattered to write about it until now!

I feel that if I don't write about it soon tho the moment will have passed and I don't want that so heres our Halloween story.

Chipmunk went back to school on Halloween and this gave me time to dash to the shops and decorate up before he came home

Here's how it looked

Balloons hung up outside

A spooky table for a spooky tea

Hanging balloons and bats

Pretty paper chains that I made

New drinks cup that Chipmunk loved

And the thing that excited Chipmunk so much,a collection of Halloween books for bedtime!

For our tea we had Spiders on Toast!

This was a massive hit!Heres how I made them

Chopped hotdog sausages up

Then pushed spaghetti into the hotdogs to make the spiders legs.

Boiled them up!Very witch like!

Here they are!Spooky Spiders!

Chipmunk had his on toast,we had beans with them but Chipmunks doesn't like beans so he just had spiders on toast!

After tea we played ' Hunt The Halloween Coins' and then Chipmunk got dressed up ready for the big event!

He was a very spooky bat!

We only intended going to three houses but we met up with some of Chipmunks classmates and had the best time!

Chipmunk was sooo excited and ran from house to house with his friends.

The look on his face and the excitement in his voice was magical and is something I will remember and treasure for a long time!

When we came home he sorted through his sweets ( we are still eating them now ) and then we went up to have our Halloween Story Night.

The swag bag,full of goodies!

It was a great night!One to remember :-)

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