Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wot So Funee?

Todays Wot So Funee happened last night.

I had cooked a lovely meal,beef casserole,but on the way back from the school run I saw one of the older boys going out with his friends

'' I'll have my dinner later'' he said as he rushed off down the street.

All well and good or so you would think.

I put the dinner in the fridge for him to have when he came home.

And he did just that.

I noticed that he had left quite a bit of potato and veg tho,so I shouted through to him

'' Why have you left so much?''

''Well it was very cold and hard'' he replied

I then realised he had not warmed it up!

Three and a half hours that dinner had been sat in the fridge and he eats it cold!

No wonder it didn't taste good!

At the time,the eating challenge was on the celebrity jungle, I think my son had done his own eating challenge!

When I mentioned that it would have been slightly more eatable if it had been warmed he grinned!

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  1. Oh no! Does he not know where the microwave is? Got some work to do before he goes to uni!

  2. Hee!Whats he like!Boys!They do not even think do they! X

  3. haha! you'd think he might have wondered that it was a bit wrong to eat cold!