Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wot So Funee?

Christmas Lists

Ahh this Wot So Funee happened over the weekend when Chipmunk started to make his Christmas lists.

I gave hum a Argos catalogue and he was sooo enthralled,he sat there flicking through the toys and writing all the things he wanted on a notepad.

I was smiling and thinking how cute he looked when he started talking about how he would share all the presents out.

I had a look at his list and saw where his mind was going...

The poor little thing thought that the number in the Argos catalogue was infact the number of items you received

So you got
99 - Cars 2 games

48 -  Fifa 11's

13 - Sega All Stars

And goodness knows how many trampolines and footy tables!

I felt horrible shattering his illusion but it had to be done.

Can you imagine Christmas morning and him expecting all that number of things!

He was going to share tho...

Here is the lovely little list
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  1. Oh bless him, that is really cute! Where on earth would you have put 129 trampolines? :)

  2. Oh those are my favourite funees! The writing of a youngster is just so precious! At least he was planning to share!