Monday, November 21, 2011

Teen Tuesday

  1.                            Teen Tuesday                                                                      

Today on Teen Tuesday I want to talk about wires!

Yes just simple old wires.

Except its not that simple because when you have got a teen or even two teens wires are everywhere!

Wires from straighteners,hairdryers,laptops,earphones,ipod charges,phone charges,x boxes.

They take over the house.

They get tangled.

They trip people up.

They are sooo messy.

They are a real pain!

Yep with teenagers these days comes the problem of wires!

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  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog this evening! I dont have a teen yet obviously but I still have this problem with my partner!! I loath wires.
    Thanks for your nice comments and sorry I missed your tag, i'm now following however so won't miss any posts! I thought I was already following you but forgot to update!
    Hannah x