Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear So and So...

So what's been bothering me the week!
Hmm let's think!

Dear School Project
Why do you haunt me!
You hang round my neck like a dead weight!
I don't know how to start you or finish you
Infact I dislike you nearly as much as the school spellings
Not quite tho!
From a mum who thinks there is just too much homework

Dear Baby Owl
I hope you are alright on the school roof,all by yourself
In the dark,cold,rainy,windy night
You should be in a nice warm bed,looking after your owner
Instead you are lost and alone and far away from home
We are hoping that the wind will blow you down and we will find you tomorrow
In the meantime be brave
all our love from your owner and his mum
Dear So Called School Friends
I hope you are satisfied now you have thrown my sons toy on the school roof
You just had to do it didn't you
Thanks a million,what friends you are!
From a cross and angry mum

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