Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Splashes & Dashes

It's been a good weekend but a bit intense especially with 'the project!'

This school project is due in next week and as of today we had not even started it!

We had lots of ideas floating around but nothing concrete on paper.

Chipmunk you absolutely did not want to do it!

But do it we did!We had too!

Only 1 more week till hand it in day!

Well after a few sheets of wasted paper and me and Chipmunk getting stressed it began to take shape and I think you are proud of it Chipmunk.

I think a big sigh of relief will be heard by us both when it's finally finished!

It's a information leaflet about Sherwood Forest.

Yesterday we had a fab outing to the library.
Got loads of new books

The one we are reading at the moment is called Jack Splat a fly with absolutely disgusting habits but Chipmunk you seem to love it and I must admit I find it funny too!

Loved how you sat reading aloud in the library again,it never fails to make me smile when you do it.

I'm also smiling Chipmunk over your liking for strictly come dancing!
The way you say the judges names is great especially Brunio Taglionli

And it's funny that me and you are sitting watching Bruce Forsyth at the weekend just like I used to all those years ago at my grandmas.

Tiger and Sharky you are both liking that the celebrity jungle is back on,some more junky tv for us too watch and smirk over!

Sharky you have a important maths exam tomorrow,good luck with it,I'm sooo hoping you do well.

The week ahead looks busy,so I'm signing off now so I can try to get some much needed sleep

Bye x

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