Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wot So Funee?

Wot So Funee 
Time for me to share a funny story that happened quite a few years ago when my middle son was quite small and my youngest son had not even been born! Now that is a long time ago!

In those days my mum sometimes used to invite our family for dinner.

Can you imagine the thrill,someone actually cooking my dinner ~bliss!

My mum doesn't do it now probably after this tale you will understand why!

I wished she did tho,the very act of someone caring enough to cook me dinner would be so nice.

Anyway we had gone for dinner and was all sat around the table ready to eat.

my mum was fussing that the yorkshire puddings were not quite right and of course everybody was saying

''Of course they are ok!''

''Nothing wrong with them at all.''

''They look ok too me''

''Stop fussing and sit down!'' ( That might have been me! )

 When in walked my son.

Now at this age my son did not speak alot,very few words were said and especially in large groups of people.

He sat down at the table put his fork in the yorkshire pudding,lifted the fork up and said

'' What the hell is that!''

Everybody at the table just stopped dead 

The look on my mums face was a picture!

I cant tell you what she said because I was in such shock myself!

He had never said that phrase before,I just couldn't believe it!

I think what my mum did eventually mutter was,

'' At least he's talking!''

Even writing this down is making me chuckle.

The looks on peoples faces were priceless!

I think at the time I was so shocked that I just started to giggle and ended up with tears running down my face.

Fond memories of a boy who still always makes me laugh!

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  1. Jess, I think this is probably the funniest #funee I have ever read! I have tears rolling down my face - a classic.
    Now, what the hell is your twitter id because I keep forgetting it! Could you stick it in my blog comments because I can't see a way to subscribe to comment replies on your blog and I am rubbish at remembering to check back. Then I will write it on my kitchen wall and never forget it again!! Or tweet it to me (again, I know, I'm rubbish!)

  2. Ha! that made me laugh!

    I love Wot So Funee - so many great one liners!

  3. Oh wow, made me laugh out loud and that doesn't happen often! :D