Saturday, November 5, 2011

Six Word Saturday

This week my magic six words are:

Grown up enough to buy Fireworks!
  My youngest son does not like bangs and loud noises but wants to join in the excitement of bonfire night.

So I have found a selection of quiet fireworks on sale at our local supermarket.
Tonight after having his ears checked at the doctors ( they are now all ok,thanks everyone for asking ) we popped along to buy some fireworks.

And even more than buying alcohol it seemed such a grown up thing to do!Buy fireworks!

I half expected them to say 
''No only grown ups can buy fireworks!''

Madness I know but its just how I feel!

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  1. We can't buy fireworks legally in Australia. I'm sure my boys would adore being able to participate

  2. Great blog name.

    NEW FOLLOWER. Not sure why my icon isn't showing.


  3. Glad all the ears are better, that means the boys are better too! And just in time to celebrate with fireworks! Enjoy!


  4. Enjoy the display. They do fireworks here on 14 July and New Year but naturally enough, don't recognise Guy Fawkes Day

  5. I love fireworks! :) (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  6. Hi all

    Thanks for the comments,I'm having trouble commenting on some blogs so for tonight I'm giving up!
    I'll try again soon!Perhaps my phone needs a tidy up and declutter,it won't do much!
    Hope you all have a great weekend x

  7. Where I live, we are only allowed to buy fireworks one day a year and they have to be set off that night or we are fined. You have to be 18+ to buy them too.
    Happy 6WS!

  8. Sounds like fun, hope you all have fun setting them off and lighting up the night :)

  9. That's a good idea, Jess. I had never heard of 'silent fireworks' except that the noise from sparklers isn't very scary.

    Trouble communicating? I can't sign on to your type comments with my Blogger Id because Blogger doesn't like my cookies. A sign in page like I use is not trouble.

    That's why I had to get an Open Id.

  10. Quiet fireworks - what a great idea!

  11. It's always fun to play with fireworks! : )

  12. I always feel intimidated buying fireworks too - wish it was the same with wine ;)