Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wot So Funee?

I've caught a few snippets that have made me laugh this week

1. A little one at nursery calling the Number Taker from Number Jacks The Undertaker 
    This put quite a different thought in my head!
    The number taker is spooky enough without being a undertaker as well!

2. My youngest reported his brother to me for taking Squares upstairs.
    I found out eventually he meant custard cream biscuits!
   Guess they've just got a new name now ~ squares!

3. And lastly I had a slight misunderstanding with my youngest this morning when he was telling me about a new lesson at school called wristwatch

"Oh are you learning to tell the time?" I said.

That was met with total derision

"No!" he shouted "Risk Watch!

Well how's a mum supposed to know that!Not the normal run of the mill lesson is it! "Risk Watch indeed!" Go and check out all the other Funee Posts at Actually Mummy


  1. He he! I love it when you don't quite understand them, I do it all the time, but they very cleverly make you look the silly one!

  2. Squares! Of course - very logical! Wot So Funee Mummy!
    Yay! Finally figured out how to comment on your blog - hurray!
    Please will you come over and remind me of your twitter id again? I am rubbish at remembering it